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Cctv's Again

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  • Cctv's Again

    :angry: I have a neibour who has gone on holiday and has but up a CCTV that over looks his back gate and straight into my garden and kitchen. The problem is that is now the holidays and my partner would like to sunbath and 11 year old daughter would like to play in the garden with her friends but now are scared to go outside because they are being watched.

    would be greatful if anybody has any information where I stand on this problem.

    (Yes I know his head would spring to mind but rather do this the legal way)



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    hi Belgarth

    welcome to the forum board

    sorry to hear you are being put on edge by being watched, as far as I know the rules for domestic cctv say that cameras must only be pointed at personal property.

    rules for commercail cctv are different

    is there any way you can put a sheet or something up that will give your garden privacy with out disturbing his view of his property while he is away?

    when he comes back I really think you need to tell him of your concerns about the angle the camera is pointing.

    are you on speaking terms with your neighbour?

    if not perhaps a note through his door when he returns.

    the worry is if you put a note through his door now and thats the first thing he reads on his return may put his back up.

    we are currently looking into the law reagrding cctv and hope to get a self help article up soon

    I know there are other members who know more about this than myself and I am sure they will be along to give you some advice soon

    best wishes


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      Welcome to the Forum Belgarth

      Just to add on to what Beth says, the Data Protection Act of 1998 doesn't cover domestic CCTV systems, here's some info:



      The Code of Practice is aimed at most CCTV users; the exceptions being:

      "Security equipment installed in home by individuals for home security


      -Unless you could "prove" undoubtedly it wasn't being used for 'home security' purposes? (Difficult?).


      Part 4 of the DPA, 1998 covers Domestic Use:

      Domestic purposes. 36. Personal data processed by an individual only for the purposes of that individual's personal, family or household affairs (including recreational purposes) are exempt from the data protection principles and the provisions of Parts II and III.

      We'll have a detailed CCTV sheet up soon too as Beth mentioned.

      You could also investigate a possible invasion of your privacy, with a legal professional as you neighbour is pointing CCTV at your property under the Human Rights Act, 1998, e.g:

      e.g: "Article 8: The Right to Respect for Private and Family Life, Home and Correspondence"

      We have an overview of the HR Act here:

      The HRA is superior to all other legislation and should take first preference.

      Also if you're being possibly harassed by an interfering neighbour, take a look at our Harassment Help Sheet here:

      Hope that helps a bit, hope you can visit often, you'll find a lot of support here



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        Hi Belgarth and welcome to the Forum

        What an uncomfortable thing to have pointing at you. If it is pointing directly into your property and invading your privacy, then I think you definitley need to speak to your neighbour about it if possible and asking them to re-site it.

        Do you know if your neighbour has had an break-ins recently, or problems with people trying to get near/into their property?

        If the neighbour doesn't do anything after you've talked/ written to them, I think you may want to speak to the Police - maybe?

        Let us know how you get on.


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          If we get one installed in our front door in the spyhole, would it be acceptable? The reason I ask is that it would show our neighbours' front doors opposite, and we do want it to catch the son of one of them as we strongly suspect him of letting our daughter's buggy wheels down and also of spraying nasty strong smelly stuff around our door. We certainly have no reason to actually spy into their flat and would not want to but we want to protect ourselves and our things and our kids' health and safety especially after the incident yesterday which left us all like the victims of a tear gas attack.

          Would it be better and more legally acceptable to install one in the hallway pointing at our own door?



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            I think that it is safely outside the grey area if it is pointing at your own front door/doorstep, Lesley...I think it's less safe to point it at their door definately, as you could be seen to be viwing them/their visitors.



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              I was afraid of that having read a few of the posts here, that means if it is in the communal hallway they will know it is there and might complain, on the other hand if it points at our door it would give a much clearer picture what the lad is up to than it would if it was in the spyhole looking out! It's a difficult one, I guess we just have to be on our guard! Thanks



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                *GREETINGS LESLEY DOVE*

                And Welcome.

                I must admit that i smoke. :blink:

                I have been looking around the internet on the subject of cctv and your


                I have found a site on this subject.

                Click on the link below and you will see.



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                  Well Mrunhappy thankfully it doesn't travel over the internet so what you do is not hurting me, although of course I hope you and Sapph and anyone else here who smokes will quit for their own health! I'm sure it's not easy to quit an addictive substance of any kind while you are under stress with a nfh but then why should they have the power to stop you doing what is good for you? You might also be on the way to being Mrhappy again if you quit because you will gain money, better sense of smell and taste buds as well as lower risk of many diseases, so the advantages of quitting are really great (not that I have experience, it's just what I've heard people say who quit using Allen Carr's method). They feel so much happier not to be slaves to that deadly and smelly addiction.

                  Thanks for the CCTV link which I will look at tomorrow.



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                    Please note that this is Belgarth's thread about CCTV's.


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                      Hi Dawnie - I'm leaving your post as it's regarding your CCTV issue.

                      I don't want this thread to get hijacked and end up completely off-topic. Hence, my reminder .


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                        Originally posted by mrunhappy@Aug 4 2003, 1:07 AM

                        I must admit that i smoke. :blink:
                        Please keep topics.......on topic! Smoking is not an issue here is it?!

                        As Holly has mentioned too it gets very confusing if other topics are discussed elsewhere! Thanks


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                          I've recently installed two CCTV cameras linked to my computer which, when activated, send me a warning email or SMS. I can then check it over the web.

                          Both cameras are installed on my property and only overlook my land (basically because my neighbour insists on using my long garden path to access his back door, even though he's got his own path).

                          As far as I am aware, I am not breaking the law. I am simply gathering evidence to sue him for trespass and malicious damage. If my camera were to overlook his property, then I would be invading his privacy and that's all.

                          The Protection from Harassment Act has a defence of necessity and reasonableness. If it's to detect a crime (in my case, criminal damage) then it can be argued that it is not harassment.

                          Watch out for the Human Rights Act, which is so grey it can be interpreted any way you like!


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                            Our nfh had such sad lives they used to cctv us, doing nothing more unwholesome than smoking the occasional ciggie (we've since quit, but I thought I could merge the tangental threads) on our own property.

                            They were classic obsessive delusional dingbat sewer-minded twerps, probably still are. We moved away. Part of me wants to see the footage of my family removed from these nutcases, but it would be like diving into a septic tank, getting embroiled with them.

                            I could list some of the crazy things they've done, but please accept that I have chosen my words carefully, a third family is now trying to move away from them, and that the other households all agree.

                            What I'm saying is that for a nosey neighbour (nn) to be filming you & your family on your home property is NOT on. Your nn must be a rather dubious individual to want to do this. Our nfh had a dodgy police Seargeant friend, which would explain them getting away with this for so long.

                            No legal action is going to allow your daughter to sunbathe unfilmed this week. Can you access the camera to turn it round without damaging anything? Or maybe put some masking tape or bluetak over the lens. No sensible Magistrate is going to assert nn's rights to film you at your home over your right to a private family & home life (Human Rights Act article what number anyone?). I would physically prevent the filming on your property now if I were you, but make sure you DON'T cause damage to nn's property.

                            Good luck. Hope you get this nosey G*T off your case.


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                              Hi Belgarth,

                              Sorry to hear about your nosey NFH - I do understand what you and your family are going through as my NFH regard my ventures into my own garden to hang out the washing as the cue for abuse/harassment. There's a lot of fruitcakes about!

                              You will get lots of support and good advice at this site Belgarth.

                              I'll leave the CCtv info. to others who know more about it than me.

                              Had a few thoughts -

                              How about putting some sort of physical barrier up (I think I read someone else mentioned this, sorry, I can't find that posting now).

                              How high is the camera? How about getting a windbreak and putting it between yourselves and the camera?

                              What about a washing-line (oh, no, Mrs B's obsessed with washing!) strung so that when you hoist a sheet up, it blocks the camera view?

                              Or one of those plastic gazebos?

                              Whatever you do, please don't let it stop you going into your garden. The NFH would probably like that. I speak from experience on 'garden wars' :angry:

                              The best of luck to you,

                              Mrs B
                              BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!