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Cctv And The Law?

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  • Cctv And The Law?

    oops....I see there is already a topic open for this.


    Hi, a related question to my NFH. I have 2 CCTV cameras in my garden, front and back. What is the law about data protection and CCTV. I remember my NFH commented on the legality of using these camera, so I am sure they will bring this up again.

    Di I just need to have a sign at the perimiter of my property or can I have a sign on each camera. Is there a site with info about this.


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    Hi falkirk (thanks for moving this for me ).

    I'm not well up on CCTV issues. But from what I've gathered on this Forum, you need to only have your own property in the picture (i.e. you couldn't have it up to film your neighbours' garden). I think .

    I don't think you need to display anything to say you've got CCTV.

    Perhaps it may be useful to contact your local Community Police Officer to discuss this?

    I hope other members will have some more helpful information for you.


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      I have been searching the web and have found a sight that may be useful with regard to this. It has provided me with a starting point in the research of a few things in the past.

      the addy is try this