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  • Satellite Dish

    Neighbours have just called in an engineer to see why they can`t get a good Sky satellite picture. Turns out a tree right next to them, on our side is blocking the signal. The tree has overhanging branches, is level with their satellite dish, but the main trunk is absolutely parallel with the fence. If the overhanging branches are removed their signal will still be blocked. What more can they do about this?

    *should be called "satellite dish" clearly*

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    By law I think they can cut the overhanging bits off at their boundary (but not beyond it)

    I think the wood still belongs to you.

    Sorry I don't have such a glamorous avatar (is that the right word?- thingy). I have a piccy I'd like to use, but can't stick it on. I digress.




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      Hi Reinen,

      Great to see you, not seen you about in a while

      As far as I'm aware you can only remove branches from a neighbouring tree if they overhang into your property. So it would seem that's all they can do.

      I'm not an expert with boundary issues, other members know far more than me in this area, so will let them also advise you

      Hope everything else is OK with you!

      PS: Edited your topic for you.


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        Originally posted by Homer@May 9 2003, 4:59 PM

        I think the wood still belongs to you.
        Oh yes, that's right - I remember hearing the grandmaster Alan Titchmarsh saying once on TV "if you cut anything off, make sure you chuck it back over the fence then you are returning what rightfully belongs to your neighbours" or words to that effect!


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          Screw it. Neighbour talked to my landlord and asked nicely - since my landlord (who lives with us) hears nothing of their abuse, surprisingly, has agreed to let them go ahead and lop the top of the tree. They had such a nice conversation. I`m sitting here quite stunned. Need some sleep, going to leave this week with what money I have. 31 years old is a little old to be running away, but I`m tired. I hate them.


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            Sorry to hear about what's happened for you today Reinen.

            Obviously you landlord is completely unaware then of the "other side" to your nfh.

            My understanding of the tree issue would be that the nfh can cut off whatever goes into their land, but as others have said, they must return any lopped branches to you. Obviously, they should try to resolve the problem with you before they do anything.

            I know it's a bit late now, but couldn't they have got Sky to move the dish somewhere else so that the signal wasn't blocked by the tree? Why wasn't the dish-fitter more clued up when they first installed it?

            Just a note on the other side of tree-lopping, if you are thinking of lopping off part of your own branches that overhang in to a neighbour's garden, ask them first (if they're nice/normal ones) if they want you to lop or whether they like seeing the branches/ leaves or they like the tree how it is as it blocks out some awful view.

            Reinen, don't worry, it's not running away, it's about moving on. Hope wherever you go next suits you better.

            Good luck.


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              Reinen, don't worry, it's not running away, it's about moving on. Hope wherever you go next suits you better.[/b]

              I'd like to second that. Prior to some login difficulties my handle was 'gladwemoved'.

              Life's too short.



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                Just a thought Reinen.

                Why didnt the Sky engineer try moving the dish?

                Have you tried contacting Sky about this?

                What about your local authority? They may have an order prohibiting the cutting down of trees of a certain age etc?

                Most certainly wouldnt give in but of course thats easy for me to say!!

                Very glamorous avatar!!!

                If I was to put my pic on it would look like a load of Pot Noodle on a plate!!

                keep in touch!!


                "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

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                  Thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately my landlord has gone ahead and let them cut the top of it. It`s so weird, it`s a case of good cop/bad cop it seems. Still banging on the wall in the mornings and at night, on purpose. Their fifteen year old son keeps coming home from school and bouncing around their house - no-one else in. He repeatedly kicks the wall too. Anyway, straying here - the new boyfriend of this NFH came around and asked politely to cut it himself, armed with a saw. He did so, threw all the pieces into our lawn and neatly bundled them up with twine and rested them at the end of the garden, as I requested. So, is he trying to stay neutral or what, is the big question. Well, whatever. I can`t figure it. It shows no signs of stopping.

                  I`ve been staying on the dole for a long time now because of this but unfortunately they have thrown me onto a course where I work 8:30am to 3:30pm - not including travelling time. So yup, I think it`s time to leave - since I`m so wrecked right now, could hardly keep my eyes open today during the induction course. Horrible horrible feeling to fight such fatigue.

                  The big move is coming soon - it will definitely be within a month - my landlord should be fine, since the neighbours get at everyone in this house to get to me, I have been told this straight out. When I leave I will notify them of my exit and things should return to normal.

                  Odd isn`t it.

                  I`ll reply to the rest of the posts here when I`ve managed to grab some sleep.

                  Hope this made sense, tired!!!

                  Peace, all - even if just in a dream.


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                    Having spoken with my landlord, the idea was to cut down the smaller tree, there`s a huge tree outside our gates that would have blocked their signal if they`d stuck it on the highest pole, moved it to the very right of their house etc. Jeeez, almost speaking in defence of this action. I dunno. I guess I`m getting too pi**y about every little thing they acquire in life.

                    I`ve come to realise though just how easy it is to be the bad guy - their arsenal is vast - on the other hand it really costs nothing to be just a little respectful of other peoples lives.


                    Anyway, as you said Homer - Life`s too short - true true. And as I said - I`ll be out of here soon, new start, try and regain a few things.

                    And thanks for the topic edit