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Encroaching Xmas Decorations

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  • Encroaching Xmas Decorations

    I've lived in my house for 7 months. It rapidly became obvious that one set of neighbours really weren't the sort of people we were interested in getting to know. We get on well with our neighbours the other side but haven't said a word to our bottom feeding occupants on the near side.

    We took this decision based on the fact that UK law now requires the seller of a property to divulge any disputes with neighbours if asked about them during sale negotiations on penalty of a full refund.

    We've laughed at their constant bickering and put up with loud stereos during the summer. However, this weekend we returned to find a 12 foot inflatable santa had been placed on the roof completely straddling the boundary between the two properties.

    Apart from being rude in not asking how we felt about it, it's a hideous piece of house devaluing junk. Now how do we approach them nicely and ask them to move it to the other side without starting up a feud?

    We really would rather have nothing to do with them whatsoever, that way if we were to be asked the question during future sales negotiations we could honestly say 'no', but there could be roof damage up there now and we have no way to check.

    Is there any way of dealing with this amicably?

    R. Murray

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    Hi Ruby and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

    Sorry to hear that you've had to put up with nuisance from your neighbours for the past seven months .

    In terms of the disclosure issue on the Sellers Property Information Form (SPIF), I think that you may already have to disclose some issues. Check out the NFHiB thread on the SPIF Here! The new bit that concerns me, is this:

    Do you know of any disputes or anything which might lead to a dispute about this or any neighbouring property?

    So, knowing that your neighbours play loud music and bicker so loudly that you can hear it, is something which you know about which might lead to a dispute for any possible purchasers.

    So, I'd definitely speak to a conveyancer if you are going to sell and get their advice on it. If they advise not to disclose, get them to put that in writing to you.

    To your query! I think you have a few options:

    - ignore the decorations

    - speak to them and ask them to move it

    - or write to them about it

    I think if it were me, I'd speak to them in the first instance, just to outline my concerns. Yes, I'd probably be called "petty", "killjoy" etc. but just stick the facts of what you want them to do, i.e. move it back on to their property rather than yours.

    I'm sure that other members will be along shortly to offer advice on other options soon. Hope you get it sorted, there's nothing worse than having to contend with yet another neighbour nuisance. And, sadly, you'll probably have to prepare yourself for the possibility that they will then find something else to annoy you with too. :rant:


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      Hi Ruby and welcome

      I'm just wondering how the Santa is secured to the roof. I think you should find out and then possibly get in touch with your insurance company. It's possible, I imagine, that if it hit by a strong gust of wind it might cause some damage. Just a thought.

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        Hi Ruby and welcome,

        I think that the best thing to start with is to try and have a polite word with your neighbour. As Holly has said, just keep to the facts, they have erected something on your roof which has the potential to cause damage and you would like them to move it onto their own property. Don't be drawn into any argument with them, you are quite within your rights to request this.

        I personally wouldn't put anything into writing just yet, unless you really can't bring yourself to talk to them about it, as a letter takes this to a different level (IMO).

        Let us know how you get on

        Blue Cow


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          Hi Ruby, and welcome to NFHiB

          I think that unless you are selling your home in the next month, or unless this monstrosity may cause some sort of damage, then I would keep away from any conflict as much as I could, in so much as this will be over soon. Anything to avoid declaring a dispute on the SPIF, if possible.

          Obviously if either of these applies, then you have to do something. I would try a verbal, rather than formal written, approach first; they may just have been thoughtless, and could agree to what you want them to do with no problems. As Misty says, if you do seriously suspect roof damage, then is it worth a word with your insurer?

          Hope this can be resolved amicably, and that there is no damage (that's all you need in this weather!).




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            I'm glad I wasn't the only one - I PM'd Blue Cow about the er, well, the erm...comments.

            Ruby, probably best not to use that terminology :lol: !!!


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              [email protected] I found myself having to choose my words carefully when referring to the wind and what might happen

              Sorry, Ruby, it's not funny but sometimes you do have to see the humour

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                I hope that has made everyone happier Although my English was better in the original post :blush:

                BTW Ruby, roofs are designed to allow rain to run-off them. If you have anything blocking or redirectly the run-off, it can cause leaks (I know this through a painful experience with some scaffolding and a waterlogged kitchen - no fun ).

                If you are not going to get them to move it, you may want to keep an eye out if we have any heavy downpours.

                Blue Cow


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                  Its very cheeky using your property for their xmas decos, but maybe you need to be a bit cleverer than them.

                  i would be inclined to go softly softly on this, as long as you are sure that the santa is not going to cause any damage to your roof. hopefully they will take it down by 5 Jan and that will be it for another year. maybe you wont be there next Xmas. i would say to the neighbour, that, out of neighbourliness, you havent minded what they have done this year, but next year you are not prepared to let them use your property for their display with your express permission.

                  I personally think that if you are going to sell, you will need to get advice about the noise issues, whether you need to make mention of them or not, even if you have made no complaints about it. thats more of an issue here.

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                    Hi Ruby Murray

                    Sorry you are having problems with NFH's.

                    I must say, we put up Xmas decorations all over our house, and, having had NFH's (and moved), we would not want to upset our new neighbours. We are in a detached anyway and own all land around it, but we have positioned our decorations so that they do not encroach over our only next door neighbours boundary.

                    We also told our neighbours that we do put up lights and things (no inflatables, don't like them to be honest), and cover the house, they were actually delighted and love seeing them, but because we literally cover the house, we felt it polite to tell people, so that they had warning.

                    Your NFH's should not be putting this thing onto your property at all, while we love Xmas decs, we accept that there are some people who don't and your NFH's should not be using your property for their decs. Personally I'd pop round and have a word and ask them to move it, can they not put it into a garden? Round my neck of the woods thats where most Santas I've seen, are located.



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                      inflatable u say? hmm i'd hate to see it get a puncture ...*cough*


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                        Hi Ruby Murray

                        Welcome to the Forum

                        It's really irritating to think that your NFH's have such disregard for you that they didn't even let you know they would going up on the roof :blink: .

                        I hope that you have found the others' replies to be helpful .

                        I am not really sure what to advise - I know that they have no right to encroach onto your property so I would have to say something to them about that aspect - simply because anything could happen during inclement weather...

                        I would not go into the 'tackiness' aspect because, being of limited intelligence by the sound of it, they'll just go into one and take immediate offence... And hopefully, it'll be down in a couple of weeks anyway, so it's best to avoid mentioning that it's not your choce of deco...

                        So, to get to my point, I would be 'diplomatic' and say that you need it off your property asap because of insurance implications and don't even mention that you think it's a gaudy, hideous, monstrosity :unsure: B) .

                        Best of luck