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Problem with Neighbour and their insurance

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  • Problem with Neighbour and their insurance

    Hi Everyone,

    First time here I am after a bit of advice rearding an issue with my neighbour downstairs but my problem sounds a bit trivial after reading some of your problems.

    Anyway here goes. A few weeks a go the woman beneath my flat knocked on my doir in the morning telling me her sandwhic shop toilet had been flooded by me. I had just had a shower so it was possible, so I went down and checked and fair enough it was soaking and there was a crack in the sealing. What else can I say other than "it's a fair cop guv, do you want my insurance details?" She doesn't she basically tells me there is no chance she is going to go through her insurance company, she has a high excess of £250 and she is not willing to pay that.

    She then goes on telling me it's still my responsability to get it fixed and that I can a) come round and fix it b)find someone else to fix it or c)give her £50 and she would get her brother in law to fix it. This toilet is also no bigger than a very small brrom cupboard so I thought £50 was a bit steep.

    I said I wasn't willing to do this as I have insurance for a reason and that is so that I don't have to payout money when something like this happens. She wasn't happy about that started being rude and started threating me with "well you'll have to deal with my husband" Anyway he came round and started giving me some rubbish about were not paying the £250 quid and they would get their solicitor to get in touch with my insurance company. I know a solicitor is going to cost a lot more than £250.

    Anyway they have been calling for weeks and weeks and are going on about how they are doing me a favour and what's £50(alot when your skint at the time), insurance premiums will go up, etc. I ended up giving her a cheque for £25(I can still cancel it though) and another £25 once I have a letter from them saying I am no longer liable. In the end I just can't bothered wih thebad vibes between us and the uncomfortableness of bumping into my problem neighbour for the rest of my time in this flat.

    What do you reckon I should be doing in this situation, anyone had a similar problem? As far as I was concnerned it was no big deal, phone your insirance company make your claim, pay the excess, they claim back from my insurance then they get their excess back.

    Again I know its not particualry bad compare to some of the problems you guys have had but any advice would be aprreciated.


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    Welcome to the NFHiB Forum hardmandez.

    Can I ask if you've contacted your own insurance company about this and asked their advice? I think you need to do this tomorrow if not already - they may not want you to admit liability by paying a sum out, etc and may ask you to cancel the cheque.

    Sounds like you've tried to be decent about it and upfront too. If they are threatening you physically or verbally, then inform the police and insist they make a record of it, even if they say it's not their responsibility. To be threatened verbally or physically is an offence. It is also bullying and intimidation.

    In the meantime, can you steer clear of them totally/ignore them until you can get some more info from the insurance company?


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      Hi there,

      It sounds like it may be a problem with the outside drains. Have they had them cleaned at all? I would cancel the cheque, and refuse to accept any blame until a PROFESSIONAL has had a look at it.

      It is not very good business practise, to throw blame around and threats. Have they had the business long, or is it a new one starting up. Are you renting the flat off them, or the person who they rent the shop off. Or do you own your flat.

      They say hand over £50, and her brother will fix it. Alarm bells are starting to ring. they either don't know what they are doing, or they know what the problem is and want a scrapegoat to foot the costs. Speak to a professional yourself, do not take their word for it. Brother Jonny may be a DIY fanatic, it does not make him a expert. They are running a business, and certain costs come with the territory. A sandwich shop flushes a lot of stuff through the drains.



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        Cheers for the replies.

        I did speak with the insurance company when it first happened they said just tell her to contact her insurance company, I've been too busy at work to get a chance to call them and see what they think about it since she won;t call her insurance. I think they will just say forget about it here is nothing she can do unless she contacts her insurance I'm sure a solicitor would say the same. I will give the insurance company a call first thing tomorrow and see what they reckon and then pop down and probably tell her I have cancelled the chheque.

        As for the water damage unfortunately its definately down to my shower. I only bought the flat 7-8 months ago and it turns out the tiling was pretty bad the floor boards underneath the bath were soaking.

        Come to think of it she did mention she noticed some water about a week before on the ground just a little bit though, I'm sure that probably makes her just as liable as I am for neglecting to investigate the water further.


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          hi there! and welcome

          it certainly sounds a bit dodgey, tax free thing going on here maybe??

          mmm, I would check out your own insurance and ask the firm for advice, they are likely to send round an assessor to check it out

          every time we have put claims in we have always had some bod with a clip board asking exactly how it happened and looking at damage (we had a bad roof a while back!)

          I would get on the phone first thing tomorrow, and let them know the score

          good luck and please let us know the outcome :clover:


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            Hi Hardmandez,

            Welcome to the forum

            At the risk of sounding like a parrot, please cancel the cheque - you have absolutely no guarantee that whatever work is done is going to fix the problem. You could also be jeopardising any future claims that you may have to make if this ever happens again.

            Why should you have to pay out a penny?? You are fully insured - it's not your fault that they have taken out a policy with a ridiculous £250 excess.

            Let us know how you get on with your insurance company, and please don't let these people intimidate you.

            Blue Cow


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              A lot of businesses that operate in difficult areas either pay a ridiculous excess or they do not get insured. It is as simple as that.

              And do be careful about cancelling a cheque. It is not as easy as it used to be. If you admit you signed a cheque knowing you could cancel it, you could find yourself in difficulties. So ask your bank for advice first thing Monday morning.


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                hi there, i agree with hazelnut, you need to put in the claim as it is your shower that is leaking and your floorboards need attending to and take it from there. take a step back from the people in the sandwich shop, just tell them you have put in claim on your buildings insurance and it is getting dealt with.

                claiming on your buildings insurance is not the same as claiming on car insurance, which is the way the shopkeepers seem to be approaching it. likewise your premiums arent affected in quite the same way if you do have to claim, especially if you have insurance via your mortgage lender and they have it arranged on a 'block policy' basis. at the end fo the day, insurance only ever goes up, it seems so dont worry aaout it, you seem to have a legitimate claim so go ahead!!!

                i think you should cancel the cheque but as others have said get advice from your bank. there are ways and means of getting round this issue of cancelling a cheque, hopefully you didnt put your guarantee card number on the back. if you did, you cannot stop it. do not give them anymore money.

                if your claim is successful the insurance will sort out their damage, which hopefully will only amount to minor redecoration...

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                  Hi Dez and a belated welcome to the forum

                  There's nothing I can add to the advice already given by other members. So I'll just wish you good luck in solving your problem. Hope everything goes well

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                    Hi Hard,

                    Just wanted to say Hi and belated welcome from me .

                    I am hopeless with insurance things :blink: but I am sure that the others have pointed you in the right direction.

                    The most sensible thing though would appear to be to make a claim off your insurance whatever happens for your leak. Your insurance co. will be best placed to advise you on the downstairs neighbours' issue too .

                    Let us know how you get on, and I do hope it can all be sorted amicably :unsure: .