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  • unreasonable access

    Hello everyone,

    I am introducing myself in the hope someone knows a bit about access rights & the law. About 3 years ago my friend bought a shop with a house attached and storage area. The adjoining property (which was once a part of the property) was owned by a hairdresser who had access rights to use a toilet located in the storage area. She then sold on the hairdressers to the hardware store next door. Now we have hardware store staff barging their way in to use the loo or the owner of the hardware store opening the door from time to time. We are worried about security and wish to padlock the door. Surely the right to use the loo is not for anyone only the owner, can he say to anybody you can use the loo next door?

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    I would suggest your friends go to their solicitor pronto and get this checked out. Access rights are probably fully detailed in the title deeds so you really do need to get this clarified. I wouldn't padlock the door until this is done - you may be barring them from legitimate access.

    good luck.

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      Hi Carole and welcome

      I'm with John here, please don't let them padlock the door until they have had this checked out.

      Has the hardware store knocked through to the hairdressers? I'm just thinking that the registered address for the hardware business would still be the original address, so I'm not sure where that would leave the toilet access for staff.

      You would be best to advise your friend to get some professional advice on this ASAP.

      BTW I don't think that access rights include opening the door every now and then to have a snoop - and can see how this would be extremely irritating.

      Good luck with this

      Blue Cow


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        Hi carole and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

        I agree, your friend needs to check the deeds to her property to see what it states about access. That, I think, is the only place you're going to find the answer.

        Was your friend happy to permit access from the people in the Hairdressers? If so, then as the new owners of the Hairdressers, I would have thought that the Hardware people do have the same rights of unrestrictive access. But that's just my thoughts.

        Your friend should definitely seek legal advice on this one and not restrict any access until it has been resolved.

        Good luck with it and please let us all know what happens!