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  • missimoo's update

    I think everyone has said all they can in previous posts. My heart goes out to you and I cry for you literely! Ive moved twice in the past 12 months and Im moving again., im reading this post about "shared driveways" because the little 2 bed we are in the process of buying has a shared driveway with the people next door, and to be honest I am extremely worried as although they have said they would move any cars that might be in the way, its still a hassle to keep asking them. Both drives are very small and I can understand visitors etc parking there, but it means we could be completely blocked in if they get funny. I havent exchanged contracts yet, and im not sure what I want to do.

    At this moment in time we have fantastic neibours, we share nights out, and she even came to view prospective houses with me!! My reasons for moving is that in the summer we have around 11 kids playing right outside your house at evenings and weekends, and the neibours the other side have got 5 kids!!! so you get NO quite in the summer time. Apart from that we have rising damp, and other expensive jobs to do, so I would rather sell up, move to a small house and be mortage free.

    Anyway, back to you. Ive been there, on the edge of my seat waiting for a sale, that sick feeling in your stomach, hoping the survey will be ok, and they wont pull out. Bear with it, you will get there in the end.

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    I wondered what shared driveways would do.

    They must cause a lot of problems.

    I know kids make a lot of noise too

    (we have that problem).

    The ones next to us act like wild animal, screaming

    and yelling in their pool etc and you cant enjoy the garden.

    Its ok till its summer and the weekend, then the trouble

    starts. When I had kids play at my place, they were

    always well behaved. Nowdays, it is different. No-one seems

    to put in the boundaries to tell them how to behave.



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      Hi missimoo

      Driveways and parking areas are a difficult subject I think.

      I know that when we next move, I want a house with a completely separate fenced off/walled in whatever driveway. Our NFH has completely taken advantage of the fact that the parking spaces aren't blocked in anyway and therefore just assumes they can park anywhere they like.

      Never again. :angry:

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        I would be the same, I wouldnt want to share anything with a neighbour that could potentially cause any disagreement, and lets face it a driveway is a big thing to share.

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