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neighbour access through garden

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  • neighbour access through garden

    Hello there. I have a problem (haven't we all)

    I live in a block of four houses. On each end there is an end terrace and (obviously) there are two houses in the middle - I live in one of these. The access to the rear of the two middle properties is through the end's garden. Now then here we go.

    I rarely use this access unless I have to - I do not like walking through my neighbour's garden. BUT the house on the other side has to walk though my garden and the end. Still with me?

    My neighbour is CONSTANTLY coming through my garden (we can be talking about 20 times A DAY). If she is going to brush the front drive she walks all the way around (i.e. through the two gardens) instead of just walking through her own front door. If she is going to wash the car the same is true. I do not exaggerate when I say it can happen 20 times a day. If she is going to clean her windows she cuts through. She is driving me nuts. :banghead: as I have no privacy at all in my own garden. She is completely dominating the environment.

    I am entirely reasonable (I like to believe) about access but it seems that she is abusing it. I think I am not over-reacting?

    When she complained about my motorbike cover I bought a new one.

    When she complained about my car roof box spoiling the view through her window, I tried to accommodate her.

    When she complained about the chiming clock (on the adjoining wall) I moved it.

    When she complained about the security light at the rear I repositioned it.

    Any ideas before I lose it completely??????????????


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    Hi burn and welcome to the Forum

    Sorry to hear about your current situation .

    Is there not another access point at the other end terrace, i.e. nearer to your neighbour?

    Personally, I think this is a difficult one, as if they have a right of way access, it's difficult (impossible?) to put limits on use of it.

    Do you both own your homes? Do the deeds specify anything about use of the access way?

    Who moved in first, you or her? I'm also wondering if she has always behaved in this way or has something happened to trigger this behaviour? If you moved in after her, do you know whether there was any history between her and the people who lived in yours before?

    Have you considered mediation at all? That might be one way of trying to reach an amicable solution to your problems. You can see if there's a local one here:

    You may also want to have a look at the Self Help Articles here:

    I know I've asked a lot of questions , but sometimes it just helps to get a clearer picture. Don't feel pressured into giving information you don't want to.

    I'm sure other members will be along shortly.

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      thanks for replying.

      Answers - she moved in long before I did. The other neighbour (an elderly lady of the garden she has to cut through) has cut off all communication with her as she is sick of it.

      No, there is no other access point.

      Yes we both own the houses.

      There is something on the deeds about right of access but to be honest I haven't investigated this as yet. I assume I contact the building society? I never thought it was going to be a problem as I believed that 'occasional' (wheelie bins etc) would be the order of the day - reasonable?

      Yes, she has always behaved this way even with polite references to the question as to whether she really needs to carry a bucket all the way round when she could just open her front door.

      I am at the point where I feel like nailing her garden gate closed :badmood:


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        Hi burn and welcome to the forum

        Sounds like your NFH is driving you bananas Have I got this right, your NFH walks through your garden and the garden of the end house? If so does that mean that only one householder does not have people going through his/her garden?

        It also sounds like you have been a very good neighbour by responding to your NFH complaints with positive action.

        Have you spoken to her about it? Is access along the bottom of the garden or somewhere else? I'm just wondering if your could plant some trees or erect some sort of fence or barrier so that your NFH cannot see the rest of your garden. Also, if I've got it right, she is also walking through another garden as well as yours. If so, have you spoken to the other neighbour and found out their thoughts on the matter?

        Sorry I can't think of anything else right now but I'm sure other members will have some ideas for you. Good luck

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          her access 'back gate' is right in the middle of my garden (it is not a big garden). If I am sat in the garden then she walks between me and my house to go out of my gate. There is no possibility of 'isolating' (screening etc.) her 'route'. Thus I can be sat there and in and out, in and out (slamming the gate every time).


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            Hi again

            Thanks for answering the questions

            Yes, you should be able to get a copy of your deeds from your mortgage lender.

            What response did your nfh give when you queried the bucket scenario?

            Do you think you and the other affected neighbour could write a letter to this woman and maybe pop a reference in it to mediation?

            Sorry, can't think of anything else at the moment, hopefully other members will be able to come up with something .


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              Hi Burn, and welcome to NFHiB

              I am sorry this is so frustrating for you, and completely agree, why can't she use her FRONT door sometimes (even 50% of the time would be an improvement!). I suppose though, if she legally has a right to access with no restrictions, then she does

              However, I think you do need to have sight of the deeds from your mortgage lender(there is probably a fee for this). Mediation could well be worth a try....she may not be aware of how much effect her traipsing through is having, and may be prepared to modify it? (And, it's free!). Then, if you have any queries, maybe you need an expert opinion (Solicitor? Chartered Land Surveyor if you need help interpreting your deeds?).

              Maybe worth a tour round the following two sites



              Good luck, and let us know how things are going



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                You need to contact a solicitor. Incidentally, maybe she has some phobia about her front door? She might have issues that have not been resolved. As they say...


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                  I think she probably always uses the back route even though this is less convenient because she probably thinks it keeps her house cleaner that way. for the amount of traipsing in and out and by the gripes she has had with you she sounds a bit obsessive. id say it will be hard to get her to change her ways without it escalating into hostilities. but you have been more than accomodating so far, and i suggest that in future, when she asks you to do something, if you really dont feel you should have to, then politely decline her request. she has succeeded so far in asserting her will over yours and this has given her a confidence that she can take a bit more advantage of her access to your property than she should . but at the end of the day this is a shared access and she also has responsibilities, i.e. not to bang your gate and to respect that you have rights to some privacy. i take it she is at home all day, with not much else to do? without generalising, i find people like this sometimes become very tedious, nit picky and dwell on trivial matters that busier people simply would not be able to find time for. you need to somehow get to the stage where what she does diminishes in importance to you. the fact that the other elderly neighbour also is fed up of her, indicates to me that it is going to be hard to get this NFH to modify their habits, almost rituals which these actions sound like.

                  have you asked her if she can not bang the gate and maybe if she sees you are out in your garden, maybe use the front door instead so you can have a bit of time to yourself?

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                    Fit a rubber stopper/silencer on the gate.


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                      Just a thought...... Could it be that she is lonely. This could explain all the comings and goings. She just wants to stop and chat maybe??


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                        Hi Burn,

                        this is a tricky one. She'll know that she has right of access, but I would have thought it should be 'reasonable', ie for moving bulky items or refuse a couple of times per week.

                        Exactly what is she doing - just seemingly wondering through or carrying stuff?

                        Is she friendly or do you think she's just wanting to be a nosey neighbour - possibly thinking she's been there the longest and can keep an eye on everyone else's doings and interfering when she see fit?

                        If she's no trouble, is there any way you could ignore it? If she's truly interfering, then you could seek legal assistance with a view to mediation, I'd have thought.



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                          :P Hi Burn, hmmmmmmmm, sounds like your garden could do with a thick covering of Well Matured Manure!!!!!!!! :angel: :ban:


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