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Help-constant nuisances

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  • Help-constant nuisances


    we live on a council estate in a council house. the youths who are harassing us are from bought houses in the close.

    over a period of 1-2 years theyve been non-stop annoying/beinga nuisance, throwing egggs, intimidating us- the usual dumb idiotic stuff.

    they range between 10-20 years old.

    weve done nothing to antagonise them-we keep ourselves to ourselves.

    we had the police in-they told them that once more theyd be arrested.

    it died down for a month but now its just hell again.

    do we call the police again and risk getting in worse? or not?

    we are desperately trying to move house.

    we are a small family of my mom, me(22) and my sister(23).

    it is affecting my mothers health and getting us all down. she is going to try and get the doctors help to get us re-housed because no-one wants to move here, except people from bad areas, where wed just be swapping one group of sc*m for another. we dont live on a rough estate-its not bad at all-apart from the low lifes.

    it is soi tempting just to go outsideand give them a kicking, but that would make it worse.

    can anyone give us advice on how to get an exchange or be rehoused?

    will a police report/doctors letter help?



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    Hi Chris

    Welcome to the Forum!

    I am sorry to hear about your NFH problems - what a buch of low lifes you unfortunately reside near .

    Well, I am glad that your mum is thinking of a move. This is a very positive thing to do because it means you are taking control of your situation.

    If your mum has already applied to go on the Housing transfer list, she should also ask to complete a 'medical form'. Some councils will accept doctors letters, some prefer their own forms to be filled in, so check first so as not to waste your effort.

    Don't forget to put your names on any nearby Housing Association lists too. And don't forget, if your mum gets Housing benefit, she can claim if she were interested in renting privately too.

    If the behaviour of the NFH's is very serious, your mum could request an assessment for homelessness citing that it is not reasonable for her to remain in her current accommodation. This is a long shot though because it would normally need to be exceptionally severe to be accepted as homeless priority once you have a secure tenancy already. The Council looks at it as you should stay, and the perpetrators should be dealt with by other means, eg police. But it would be worth her exploring this just in case - esp if she has health issues.

    In the meantime...

    I would get logging. Record everything that happens - date, time, what happened, how long it lasted, how it affected you etc. Then get onto the police. I think it is worth it because there are new powers in place now for the Police and the Council to deal with anti-social persons, whether they are Council tenants, owners or renting privately.

    The Police and the Council are now encouraged to liaise with each other regarding Anti-social persons to seek out Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO's), so check it out with the Council whether they have an 'ASBO officer'. If they don't have one, then they ought to have one soon and in the meantime, someone needs to be dealing with it, so see the Police.

    Your lives should not be help hostage in this way, you can beat these pond life into behaving with perseverence, so keep at the authorities and don't be fobbed off.

    Best wishes and let us know how you are getting on.


    PS By the way, although it is very tempting, please do not, under any circumstances, react to these idiots. It would only give them ammunition against your family. Don't even look at them, ignore them completely. This will be essential if further action is taken against them.


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      can you recommend a bargain budget cctv system please?



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        H CDC and welcome to the forum

        You story has a horrible familiarity about it. In fact it sounds very similar to my own. I live in a close on a social housing estate althought I'm paying a mortgage and the yobs are mostly living in rented houses.

        However, even if your tormentors live in privately owned houses the council or HA should be able to do something for you. If you're not already doing so, start keeping a log of all incidents. You can find some blank logs in the resources section of this site. Then contact your housing office and ask them about what strategies they have in place to deal with antisocial behaviour, stating your problem. Also contact your local neighbourhood police officer and ask for help there.

        It's the nature of yobbery that you usually get lulls when nothing happens and then it all starts up again It's difficult to know what to do for the best. If you confront the yobs they just increase their attacks, if you ignore them they increase their attacks, trying to get a reaction. You're in a lose-lose situation Which is why the council and the police should be doing what they're paid for. Just because these yobs live in private housing doesn't mean they can't be served with an AntiSocial Behaviour Order.

        There should be a banner at the top of the page for Security Installer website, if not the URL is: there is a link at the bottom of the page for cctv links, you might try that Other members might have some personal experience with cctv that they can give you.

        Good luck, don't let the b******ds get you down

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          hi and welcome

          sorry you and your family are going through this,

          YES your mum must go and see her GP!!

          nfh can really mess with your health, your mum needs to get help from her doc, this will help her in two ways, one to get better and the other to get moved.

          there are loads of cctv systems on the market, so shop around for the best one, other members will be able to help with this, from systems they have bought themselves.

 can only have a camera pointed at your own property your home, garden and car etc. you can not have it pointed any where else, like others homes, property or gardens.

          have a look at the cctv article here...

          cctv link

          I hope you feel you are not so alone now and get loads of help and support!

          good luck


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            Hi Chris and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

            The kind of harassment you're suffering from can really grind you down and make you feel very depressed, I would definitely say that anyone experiencing those kind of feelings should go to see their GP.

            Please check out the NFHiB Self-Help Articles here as they have loads of useful information for you and your family.

            You do need to keep recording everything by writing it all down, your local Housing Office should have some sheets they use for this, but there's one in the NFHiB Resources Section that you can use too to get you started.

            If the harassment is ongoing, then I do think that you should keep involving the Police (please speak to your local Community Beat Officer).

            In terms of the rehousing issues, if that's what your mum wants to do, then I would recommend that you approach your local Housing Needs/ Homeless Persons Unit and ask to make an application as homeless under Part VII Housing Act 1996 (as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002). You need to explain to them that you feel it is no longer reasonable to remain where you are, they will have to investigate and give you a decision on the application.

            You can also apply on your Council's Housing Register, look for Housing Association or private rented accommodation (as has already been said). These are all pro-active things that you can be doing now.

            Please let us know how you're getting on and good luck.

            Holly :ban:


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              Might be worth, if the police will not help, contacting the PCA.


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                thanks for all your advice and kind words- ill keep you informed


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                  we keep adiary

                  we keep in contact with police etc

                  my mom is under the doctor, she does have a letter but the council say were "low priority".

                  a few weeks ago, the police came to our house, we made a statement and they said theyd go and give them a caution-they later told us that they had done so.

                  yesterday, we went to the station to report the weekends dealings and they told us they hadnt even seen them.

                  west mids police are the most incompetent money wasters ever.

                  when we ring the officer who deals with it, they say that shes not ther and well just email her-we never hear a thing again.

                  i take what sticks says about not lettoing them see us talking to police, but that doesent bother us.its the state they get my mom in.

                  shes notold or anything like that(56)but the stress from it all is unbelievable-even the doctor believes its causing arthritis


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                    hi CDC and mum

                    sounds like you feel like this :banghead: not getting any where fast

                    sorry to hear mum is still not 100%

                    have you thought about contacting a senior police officer?

                    please make sure you get names and details of everyone you speak to, then pass it all back to the head police man chap.

                    I think you need to be contacting councillors and MPs now as well, your MP might be able to talk to the police for you, I am so frustrated for you :rant:

                    take care of you and your mum :flowers:


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                      Hi CDC,

                      Oh, I feel for your mum The strain must be awful. I know, reading your story I could feel my own stomach tying itself in knots because it sounded so like my own story

                      I agree with Beth, it's time to contact your MP and local councillors. The police are obviously dragging their feet over all this. Keep on at them, if you don't they'll just forget all about it.

                      Good luck

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi