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    I need some legal advice or guidance on how to find appropriate legal advice. I am at the end of the road.

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    Phone your local Citizen's Advice Bureau and they'll advise/point you in the right direction.


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      Hi Paddy, I have posted a reply to this query in with your other topic.

      I would suggest when looking for legal advice, people should visit .


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        The full cost of legal advice may be high, but there are several ways in which people may be able to obtain it free or at a reduced rate. The local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and Law Centre are two possible sources. Their offices, together with libraries and towns halls, also hold a copy of the Solictor's Regional Directory, which lists solicitors offering reduced fees or free services.

        Trade unions , professional associations and motoring organisations frequently now provide legal services for their members, and local authorities often run housing and consumer advice centres. Increasingly too, legal advice is available now from your house insurance policy.

        There are also publically funded types of help which are available through Legal Aid. These schemes are however, now means tested although most solicitors will give you the first thirty minutes of their time free and offer you practical advice.

        The best way to approach this is to make several appointments with different firms of solicitors and see which offers the best advice. Your gut feeling is usually you best indicator.


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          Originally posted by Scooby@Jun 29 2003, 6:15 PM

          Trade unions , professional associations and ... frequently now provide legal services for their members
          I had some advice through my union. Took some time to get organised, though. And CAB have been good, if brutally frank about the hopelessness of my case... Are you thinking of how to get NFH sectioned? If his problem is a personality disorder it won't work unless he's likely to benefit from treatment. But the first time they need to assess, and work out if they're treatable...

          You might find a memeber who's been in a similar situation - why not ask here?
          "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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            Have a look on the (what used to be called legal aid) Legal Services Commission website(sorry, don't know how to do a link!)....they have info on different types of help for different sorts of cases, and taking income into account..this is complicated.. but solicitor's should explain to you how this is calculated, and there may still be an online calculator on the website. Unfortunately civil,as opposed to criminal cases don't seem to have much support from this direction.

            If you ahve a Law Centre in your area this may be the way to go, or CAB, as already suggested.

            Good luck!



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              The Legal Services Commission website link is here:


              There is an eligibility calculator on the site and a link into the Just Ask site to look for providers under the Community Legal Service.