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Who Should I Complain To?

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  • Who Should I Complain To?

    Well i am still living a Nightmare.

    I now have this problem that when NFH clean their garden of Dog C***,

    it manages to find its way through the fence and onto my pathway.

    Is this an offence and who would i complain too.

    Have made a complaint to the Housing Officer in the week about the fact that the kids feed the dog and then throw the empty dog can over the fence but have had no response.

    I am once again feeling really low and can't believe after the LA promised they would be gone they are still here.


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    Oh, Tracy I don't know what's worse, having the constant harrassment or having your hopes raised only to be dashed

    I would imagine that the Environmental Health would be the place to go about the dog muck.

    The HA are really dragging their feet over moving this family. I think you should get onto them EVERY day! Have any of the other neighbours made any more complaints?

    Did any ASBO's ever get served against any of the kids? I remember you saying that there was talk of it. If they have been served then surely this behaviour is proof that it's not working.

    I wish there was something I could do Good luck, its about time the HA pulled their fingers out!

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      The last i heard was by letter that there have been more complaints and they have now passed it onto the LA legal department.

      That was 3 weeks ago, i have emailed and told them of the latest but had no reply.

      All i ever get is we are short staffed or the head of housing is on holiday.

      I am beginning to wonder if they do work or just take holidays.

      What they seem to be doing is hosing down the back garden and that is somehow pushing it under the fence where the dog has dug big gaps, as they were not there when the fence was put up about 8 weeks ago.

      I did in my email ask that they send out EHO officer as they are also using the gardens of the joining house as a toilet and the pathway in front of their property and at the end of my driveway, i really wanted them to check that they are not renting out a property without any toilet facilities!

      Also i asked could they check wether they have a wheelie bin as they like to use my garden.

      To this i am also awaiting the reply.

      Oh well another day passed and nothing sorted.