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Nfh Living In Hillingdon Or A Tenant Of Frays Ha

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  • Nfh Living In Hillingdon Or A Tenant Of Frays Ha

    Many on this site write to say that they have contacted their local council only to find them unhelpful. Councils are huge organisations, lots of people and departments, all with very different agandums. Worst of all, there is very little "if any" communication between any of them.

    When contacting your local council you must find out who is best placed / responsible to help you. Some of the best contacts (those who carry real power) are very difficualt to approach directly.

    I have been dealing with the London Borough of Hillingdon for over a year now regarding anti social behaviour issues and have a few fairly decent contacts. If you are in the same borough and having problems let me know and I will pass on what information I have.

    In the same vein, if you are dealing with Fray Charitable Housing Association, I would be interested to hear how responsive (or not) they have been. (PLEASE DO NOT PUT DETRIMENTAL COMMENTS ABOUT ANY HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS ETC DIRECTLY ON THIS PAGE, AS IT MAY CAUSE PROBLEMS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DONE SO WELL TO SET THIS FABULOUS SITE UP) My ICQ number, email etc is in my profile.