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  • Stress

    I have just pulled out the two main bits of this leaflet, but the link is there to access the whole leaflet.

    How to recognise stress

    People vary in how much stress they can experience before it has an effect on their health. Stress can have a negative effect both physically and emotionally. Some general signs to look out for which may mean someone is stressed include:


    mood swings

    skin problems

    muscle tension

    disturbed sleep patterns

    low self esteem


    poor concentration

    changes in eating patterns

    poor memory/ forgetfulness.

    The way individuals respond to stress can vary hugely. That is why it is useful to be aware of your own signs so that you can start to identify whatever is causing your stress and begin to deal with it.

    Coping with stress

    Stress causes a physical response. This is called the ‘fight or flight’ response. It used to protect us when we lived in more physically dangerous times. It means that our bodies become ready to fight or take flight. As this is not generally an option in the 21st Century there is no real outlet for this response.

    An effective way to deal with this physical response to stress is through exercise. Taking time for yourself to look after your health can help to protect you from the potentially physically harmful effects of stress. Exercise has been found to have a positive effect on the common symptoms of stress and it can be useful in helping to prevent stress related ill-health.

    Taking a positive approach to your health can also encourage you to avoid turning to food, alcohol or other drugs such as nicotine as a comforter against the negative feelings of stress.

    Making time for yourself mentally and emotionally is also important. Relaxation techniques or meditation can be useful for many people in helping them to feel more able to cope with daily pressures. They provide a way of making time and space in your every day life for you to focus on relaxing and recharging. There are many types of relaxation classes available as well as meditation, yoga, pilates etc. You may find information about classes at your local library, gym, health centre or look on the internet. Mental Health organisations such as Mind produce booklets with simple techniques to help you to relax – see the more information section at the end of this booklet for contact details.

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    Thanks Holly,

    Thats great, looking at the list its amazing what actually came through with us.

    moods, eating sleep patterns, of course at the time it seemed the NFH was mucking up our sleep patterns which they were.

    sometimes when you know about something it can help you cope better with it.

    knowing that you are not eating because you are stressed or not sleeping, if you know there might be a reason it can actually reduce the stress levels. sounds strange but it is true.

    as for yoga, I think it is a wonderful thing.

    it helps relaxes you and gives you a good work out. you feel better all round for doing it.

    I dont go to classes, I have one of the many videos around and do it in my lounge.

    also dog walking is great, gives you time with your pet, gets you away from NFH and gives you exercise!


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      Some really interesting stuff Holly.

      funny how stress affects people in different ways and the problem is finding ways to switch off/ relax.

      can be difficult at times!!


      "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

      apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

      Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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        My stress relief comes from:

        fags, caffeine, alcohol, watching telly, reading, playing computer games, eating curries.

        Perhaps not the best ways, but they work for me...


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          Hi hollygolightly!

          Thanks for that link

          You sound just like me lol!!!

          stress relief....

          Drink, fags, headfones on listening to music, watching videos, anti-depressants when I remember to take em! Actually going to work - gives me extra stress but also raises my self esteem.....

          need to go to a Yoga class

          I do walk a lot when I can get out of the house......

          witsend x


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            I'm trapped inside this house, so a lot of what is mentioned I can't do. I don't drive (my choice) and there is no bus service here I can use. A week after we moved in the bus service was discontinued. There is no footpath outside our house (we thought that was a positive and it is in many ways!) but I can't walk even to the next village because of this. I work from home so don't even get away from this place to get to work. Rarely I'll have to go to London for something and I'll stay with friends.

            All my friends are in London or down south.

            But my lifestyle is chosen, I like my own space, I like my thinking time and I like to see my friends either when they come here or I go to them. That sort of lifestyle is fine - except when you have problems where you are living. I'm now missing not being able to hop on a bus and go into a town to get away, so next place we move to will have transport links.

            How many times has my concentration been zapped by the RAF helicopters flying through the garden or over the house? Hundreds of times. How much money have I lost? Quite a bit.

            It's definitely affected my career - and that is no lame excuse, there is a definite cause and effect. I find it hard to write something funny when I'm feeling so angry and frustrated. I used to write a lot of comedy but that has gone out of the window.

            Moan over, but just wanted to say, I can't even get out of this house in the daytime to do any of the things mentioned, plus have no one to go with locally. A taxi to the local town would be about £12.

            We exercise our dogs on our own land 95% - and no way would I go in the forest behind us on my own, even though our paddock gates opens onto it.

            I'm happy on my own most of the time and did choose this lifstyle, but sometimes wish my two best friends were nearer.

            To relax I play computer games, or surf the net with music on.

            I do exercise and that makes me feel better, but everytime a helicopter goes over (and believe me they don't need to) the feelings of anger and frustration come back.

            This morning I should be prepping an interview with a well known actor, but heard the all too familer sound of a helicopter and went outside in my dressing gown and saw one fly right over the house again, and my concentration goes and the thoughts and the 'working out' in my head just disappears. As for doctors - I'm going to post my experience with our local surgery today probably.


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              [email protected] things

              Spinky have you ever considered a bike? Pushbike that is. You might at least be able to make it to the next village

              I can relax during the day when the kids are at school but come 3.15pm and I'm on pins! And it's half term next week, I think

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Well Misty - on top of everything else - I have no balance. Totally unable to ride a bike - plus just getting out on to this busy road (we live on a bend) is taking your life in your hands on a bike.

                At the minute I'm even having a rethink on the op I need. I just don't want to come back to this house to recuperate. I'm waiting to see the consultant and I'll see what he says when I put that to him.

                I want out of here.

                Remember well the dread of school holidays from my NFH house years ago. At least I don't have that anymore, or music, or DIY.

                I'm also doing the lottery this week, haven't done it for a while.

                Fingers crossed for both of us getting out of hell huh???


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                  Big hugs spinkysay - you are so isloated it must be awful...

                  Whereabouts are you - I would pop out and see you!!!

                  Am in Somerset.......


                  Please let me win the Lottery too!


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                    Hi Witsend - I saw your answer to this a few days ago but forgot what thread it was on - just found it again!!!

                    We lived in Somerset for a while, used to do our weekly food shop in Weston Super Mare, so a trip to the seaside every Saturday! We're in the midlands now - but thanks for your kind thoughts, much appreciated.


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                      I found a great way to de-stress. Try Billy Blanks Tae Bo video. I am not a keep fit fan (far from it) but he teaches you punches and kicks, I visualise our neighbours' head as the focal point for my punches and kicks, and feel so much better everytime I do the video! 30 minutes Tae Bo, a large glass of wine, I'm de-stressed!


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                        Sounds good to me - do you have to buy any equipment to use with it? Already have running machine, which boyfie bought and uses mostly, exercise bike (gives you broad calves but good as you can watch tv at the same time) and stepping machine about 8 years old which is very good but hardly ever used) Plus weights which I do use - plus Roesmary Conley videos and a few other exercise videos - I should be rake thin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - But I aint!

                        I saw this advertised on QVC and thought about it then.


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                          Thanks for that link Holly - I've got to take action somehow against that swine of a quack of mine and the more medical problems I can show that I have had to deal with myself because he refuses to do what he is paid for - the deeper I can drop in the U-kno-wot



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                            Hey Spinky - I understand your problem (although not why you won't go into the forest - lovely places!) - you mention a paddock - get a pony! Companion - not a hotblood, a nice steady cob which will ignore the RAF just like it ignores that which it leaves behind it (you know - that stuff that's good for the roses!) Panniers or an exercise cart - and you can attach an amazing amount to a Western double-rig saddle I did all my shopping with Mungo, my Eriskay pony. Insurance (which includes any big vet bills - unlikely with a good general purpose animal) not expensive - no tax, feed for that type of animal cheap; rug in winter and just a shelter necessary - and they really are such wonderful sympathetic friends. You don't need a 'sense of balance' - the pony has enough for both of you - a cob is an 'armchair' animal - especially in a Western saddle with high forks and cantle you feel really secure - and you're not planning on 3 day eventing anyway. You are also safe on a horse - few of the type of person who will attack a woman will try anything against a pony or horse - in any case, a horse can run faster than they.

                            Think about it. They aren't anywhere near the tie that a dog or any other house pet is.



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                              Hi Spinky

                              No equipment necessary, just a bit of floorspace (move the sofa!), TV, video, and a neighbour from hell to visualise!