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  • Problem tenants

    Hi - first post, hope you can help!

    I own a house which I let out to tenants and is managed by an Agent.

    The tenants, single mother and her kids, have a caravan parked directly outside the house which is powered in the evening by an extension cable from inside the house.

    The caravan is not attached to a vehicle, and someone lives/sleeps inside during the night, and is often seen playing cards with other people.

    They are causing a nuisance to residents in the vicinity, and generally, they are 'problem' tenants - kids urinating in the street, noise at night, fly tipping - the list goes on ...

    Two questions

    1. Is an offence being committed by the caravan on the street, not attached to a vehicle?

    2. Any offence being committed because the extension cable is being passed from the house, on to a pulic road, then into the caravan?

    The Agents are useless and say it is my responsibility as a Landlord to ensure the safety of the tenants!!!!! That may be so, but im paying them a £ton each month to 'manage' it!

    I have contacted Environmental Health and Highways who keep passing my calls to one another.

    Environmental Health - "Call Highways"

    Highways - "Call the Police"

    Haven't called the local nick yet.

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    Hi there.

    I think you need to sort out this issue asap. The managing agents are probably only bothered about ensuring your rent comes in, so they get their commission... It probably is up to them to deal with this..... however, seeing as they are passing the buck, I think you will have to take responsibility.

    The easiest thing to do is give them notice to quit at the end of their tenancy, as it is clear they are breaking the conditions of the agreement you made with them. For all you know, they could have sub let your caravan without your permission and be getting rent for it!!!! And you have said they are causing a nuisance to the neighbours and I wonder what they are doing to the inside of your property!!!!!

    Alternatively, I suppose the thing to do is go round and speak to them and tell them they must cease using the caravan. Or tell your managing agents you want THEM to go round and tell them...I presume it was the agents who told you of the problem????????? Or you can move the caravan away from the house. I think it is dangerous for them to be trailing an electrical cable across a public footpath and I bet if someone was to hurt themselves, you would find yourself liable, not the tenants.

    Good Luck!!!!

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      This sounds blo*dy aweful. You can expect to get lots of advice from the experts here, but just a few comments to start:

      "kids urinating in the street, noise at night, fly tipping" I think all of those are illegal

      On the caravan see this:

      Which says:

      "Is it unlawful to keep a caravan or trailer on the public highway?

      If the caravan or trailer is attached to a car it is not causing an offence. Caravans and trailers parked on the public highway, which are not attached to a car, are considered to be unlawful structures and should be reported to the Highway Authority"

      I suspect that that means that living in it is also illegal a web search will probably come up with some answers.

      On the power cable, try your local electricity supplier.

      AS for:

      "Environmental Health - "Call Highways"

      Highways - "Call the Police"

      That's the way it tends to be, you need to keep on at them


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        Hi City-Guy and welcome to the forum

        I think I agree with Annabel about your Letting Agents Have you or they inspected the property since the present tenants moved in? I'm just wondering if, given their obviously anti-social tendencies, they will keep the property in a reasonable state.

        There may be bye-laws about parking a caravan in a street. The only thing I could find on the net was about a caravan parked in a back garden, which was ok as long as the people living in it didn't eat their meals in it. Why that was important I don't know.

        Trailing an electricity cable across a public road seems to me to be a bit risky.

        I'm sure the tenants would have signed a tenancy agreement and from what you say it would seem they have breeched it. I think perhaps you should go back to the Letting Agents, it is your property and if they are renting it out to people who are causing trouble then surely they have a duty to you to do something about it. Isn't that what you pay them for?

        Good luck, I'm sure other members will be along soon with advice

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          Hi City Guy

          Welcome to the forum

          It sounds like you have your hands full completely. What sort of notice do you have to serve these tenants, as I think you would be best shot of them as soon as possible as I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you start getting formal complaints about these tenants.

          You've been given some great advice from other members and I hope that it helps you to find a quick resolution to this.

          Let us know how you are getting on

          Blue Cow


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            Hi City Guy and Welcome to the Forum

            I'd be tempted to report this caravan to your Council Tax department - it can be classed as a dwelling you see and Council Tax can be levied on it (honestly). I have known this to happen to several caravans in my area :lol: .



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              Hi City Guy and welcome to NFHiB

              I think the caravan on the street is an offence. I think there has been a similar thread here before and I looked into it then. Contact the Police about it.

              Regarding your Managing Agents, they aren't really "managing" your property are they? :huh:

              It sounds like the tenants who are in are not behaving in a tenant-like manner. I take it that they do have a tenancy agreement? Check through the clauses in the agreement, if they are breaching any then you could serve a notice of seeking possession (within the fixed term period). Check here to see which grounds you can apply for possession on DETR landlord leaflet link - but you may be better just serving two months notice to expire at the end of the fixed term (no need to go to Court then - unless of course they don't leave when the notice expires ).

              Get the Agents to start managing or you'll take your business elsewhere.

              If you want to visit the property and look inside, you should provide the tenants with 24 hours notice (at least).

              Hope you get it all sorted, keep us posted with how you're getting on.


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                Hi City Guy and welcome to the forum

                Nice to see a landlord taking a responsible interest in what their tenants are up to

                As Holly says, you need to check out your legal position within the particular tenancy agreement issued on your would be great if you can just issue 2 months notice and save on having to demonstrate grounds for possession of the property. These agents need to start earning their money. Is there cover included in the fee you pay for costs involved in legal proceedings...have a good read through your contract with the agents here, and if it doesn't all seem clear do take a little legal advice (from a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant issues). Alternatively, contact your local council and see if they have a department dealing in private sector housing; they would be a good source of advice.