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Fire damage

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  • Fire damage

    Hi all,

    this is my first time in here so I'm not sure if I'm in the right place.

    Has anyone got any idea how I can get my neighbour to pay for damage to some of my property caused by a fire in his garden.

    Despite his promises of an insurance claim he has done nothing. I suspect his insurance company doesn't want to know and he is unwilling to put his hand in his pocket.

    Am I looking at the small claims court?, I've lost about £300 worth of stuff.

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    Contact your own insurers and let them deal with it.
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      Hi Pick and welcome

      Yes, I would contact my own insurers to take this matter up on my behalf.

      Hope you get it sorted, please let us know how you get on.


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        Aye .. your insurance may pay you the costs you have incurred, then claim that from the other persons insurance?

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          Hi Pick

          Welcome to the Forum

          I think the others have said it all - but do you have insurance? :unsure:



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            Also, see a loss assessor NOT a loss adjuster.

            A loss assessor is on your side, assessing the loss you have suffered.

            A loss adjuster, however, is most certainly NOT on your side. Most certainly not! It is the job of the adjuster to adjust claims. But almost always down. :sad: