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  • Planning permission

    Normally I would shrug it off,and think or well you have to build houses somewhere. BUT? my neighbour to my left, live in a 3 bedroomed semi. They have a side garden like ours, which they intend the two 3 bedroomed semi's to be built on.

    We don't like the thought of less privecy. But most of all, what if they have kids. The gardens will be small, which means more kids will be kicking balls into our garden. They will not be able to play in the ginnel, between our houses. The little hitler from the neighbourhood watch, will chase them from the cul de sac behind our house. They will be more cars parked on our busy narrow street.

    If we voice our concerns to the planning dept, will they know it was us who complained. Are we making a mountain out of a molehill?, what do other people think. Also the notice they sent us in the post, arrived late which has made it past the time allowed to object. Should we bother or not.


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    Gosh GG,

    is their garden a field or something? Two semi's ??? Sounds a bit like over development to me.

    If your notice arrived too late, that's a blimmin nerve :frown: - they have already broken the law doing that so I would contact the Planning Dept to voice my concern. The Planning Dept may already have a feeling about this that they won't allow permission and having neighbours' opinions helps if it goes to appeal.

    I think Planning will keep your name confidential, but do check this.

    It's all part of the democratic process, so I would have my say, esp if I was not happy about it.

    Good luck

    Mazza :unsure:


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      Hi GG

      I think if you're unhappy about this (which it appears you are), then you have to write to the Council with your factual objections why.

      You may not be the only complainant, as presumably if the build went ahead it wouldn't just be you affected? :blink:

      Let us know how you get on .


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        Object. To the plans and lack of notice. They have already taken you for idiots. Dont let them continue to do this.:badmood:


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          GG. You have the legal right to object to any planning proposal. Most Council websites would also advocate that those proposing to build a development discuss it with their neighbours. I assume that they didn't do this.

          The Council is obliged though to make available any letters of objection.

          Your NFH has no right to cause you any grief over your objections.

          If you want to object, then object. I did this with my NFHs development and then he was stupid enough to put in writing that he was going to cause us bother because of this.

          Get your local Councils development plan as this is what the application will be judged against and cite every relevant clause.

          You can't object though on the basis that your view will be ruined and that it may affect the value of your property but you can object on the basis of privacy.

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          So what's the plan?

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