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House price cut court case

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  • House price cut court case

    A report on the BBC website, dated 21/11/2002, describes a couple who were suing their neighbour for the recovery of an estimated £60,000 devaluation of their property, following the declaration of their problem on the SPIF.

    Does anyone know of the outcome of this case and whether these people, or any others in a similar situation, were successful please?

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    Hi Enigma,

    Welcome to the NFHiB Forum.

    I remember the story you're referring to - this is here:

    We had the original news at the main NFHiB website which I think is the one you're after, hope that helps a bit.


    As well as that story, there's a similar one too:

    "Angus and Barbara McMeekin won more than £67,000 in compensation when the sellers of their new property, Julie and Ian Long, deliberately omitted information about a neighbour dispute on their SPIF. There had in fact been an ongoing problem with the use of an access road, which continued when the McMeekins moved in. After failing to resolve the issue with the neighbours,the McMeekins took the Longs to court, and won."

    Read all of it here:


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      Hi Enigma, and welcome to the forum

      I was just about to post a link, and Matthew beat me to it! . As he says, hope it helps. I hope the site can be of further help/support to you.