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    My NFH saga continues, and with the criminal case postponed yet again ( Mr NFH has for a second time managed to convince the magistrates that he's not fit enough to appear, in this case because he's been drinking for three days .....!), I must actively pursue a civil case against the freeholder of the property to have him evicted under the terms of my lease.

    Though I can go out of my door and fall over firms of solicitors at almost every step, I'm having no luck with finding anyone who I believe empathises fully and has a sufficently good track record in simliar cases.

    Are there any solicitors reading this who specialise in this field? Or can any member recommend someone? I live in Brighton, but I don't suppose it matters where they are, though somewhere in London or the South East would help.

    Keen to find the right lawyer to work with me on this,


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    Hi Sue,

    Sorry to hear your case is being postponed again, I wonder how long they'll keep accepting the postponing reasons and if they may force his hand soon?

    There will definitely be members on board now who will be able to recommend a solicitor to you over PM in your area, so hopefully you'll get some pointers soon.

    In the meantime though, we have some handy legal links here:

    Law -

    Legal Advice (Free) -



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      Look if its any help to you the magistrates will get a bit hacked off being told by your NFH that he cannot stand because he has had 1 over the 8.

      At some point they will deal with him be assured of that. It is in every aspect a self inflicted condition as opposed to a genuine medical one. If needs be they COULD have him placed in the cells 24 hours prior to appearing before them to ensure that he is fit to stand. It may be something that they will put to him and be enough to make him sit up and think.

      In the meantime I shall give you the Law Society's details and do contact them on Monday and they will be able to help you further.

      Law Society,

      113 Chancery Lane


      WC2A 1PL

      Tel :- 0207 242 1222


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        We found a solicitor via the law society, details provided above by scooby. They searched their directory and came up with 3 possibles for specialising with neighbour problems.

        Good luck
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          Hi brightsue

          I'd be tempted to get Initial Local Advice Here!

          They should have the specialist local knowledge of just the firm/attitude you're searching for.