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    Hello every one. :notworthy:

    It's me! the silent one. I've now got the hang of

    getting around the site, so maybe you will see me more often!

    My latest situation is that, i had a meeting with my houseing officer

    (houseing association) to discuss recent events with my NFH. :angry:

    I understand that my NFH :angry: also had a meeting with them.

    And the out come was a rather cheeky (or should i say nasty)

    letter unhappy with my version of events. This has left me feeling

    up against it at the moment. :banghead:

    I tried all my local solicitors for the best advice and for some kind of backing

    but it seems that they are either not taking any more clients or don't take on such

    cases. :cry:

    Does any members know the London area and any solicitors i could try.
    Thanks :blink:

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    Hi, I suggest you check if there is a legal aid centre near you. :ban:


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      Hi Rosshill

      You can look up the Law Society in the Yellow Pages and the bod at the end of a telephone will ask you a couple of questions about the nature of your problem and can give you a list of local solicitors.

      Many London Boroughs have Housing Advice Centres - so check your area out and don't be shy about going in to have a chat! As Hadenough said, solicitors are verrrry costly, so I'd advise trying this first .

      If you are not happy with the tone of the letter you received, complain to the Chief Exec of the Housing Association and involve your MP if necessary.

      Keep logging everything and reporting anyway!

      Good luck




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        Hi there glad you're finding your way around NFHiB

        I would suggest you check out the Just Ask Website here, follow the instructions on looking for a specialist service in housing. When you get some results for your area, go for the ones that are Housing Advice /Independent Centres. All these organisations listed on Just Ask are part of the Community Legal Service.

        Good luck with finding one .

        If you're struggling with it and want to send your postcode to me or another Moderator we'll happily find something suitable for you.


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          Hi Rosshill

          Glad you're finding your feet on the board! Good luck with following up the leads to get a specialist housing solicitor (justask is very useful). It could also be worth trying Shelter....have a look at their website