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private NFH, council can't help?!

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  • private NFH, council can't help?!

    hi everyone, my NFH are owners of their home (i am council) the council told me that because my "NFH are private they have no control and can do nothing apart from evicting us if we misbehave". If it's true, who do private owners answer to WHEN THEY MISBEHAVE ? :blink: :ban:

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    private rent or private own?

    if rent then the LL can evict

    if they misbehave and keep misbehaving, the police should be involved

    for harrassment, anti socail behavoiur threatening behaviour, what ever it is if its breaking the law.

    are you logging down everything eden?

    its important you do, so you can show it to the police if needed, it might help get that ASBO, depending on you situation.


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      Hi Eden,

      I suppose it depends what kind of behaviour your NFH are exhibiting. If it is noise then you can contact the Environmental Health Office. But if you are not already doing so, keep a log of every incident.

      If it is antisocial behaviour then call the police or arrange a meeting with your local neighbourhood police officer and ask him/her for help.

      If their behaviour is bad enough then the police and council can apply for an Anti-social behaviour order. If you are being harassed, intimidated, threatened then the police might consider a Protection from Harassment order.

      Whatever the problem, keep a diary or log of every incident. You can find blank log sheets at And you might like to have a look at the self help articles at:

      Good luck

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        I too, have often said this, it is easier to get action taken against NFH who rent their homes.

        But you can still get things done about private owners. if you can tell us what has been going on then you will get specific pointers to assist you.

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          As I've said before I get so cross when I here the "We can't do anything because .." response from councils etc. I am quite sure that they can act againts real antisocial behaviour. Others here know much more about this than I do but I think you'll find that your council is making excuses - or, quite likely, doesn't know what powers it has.


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            Look, I am just about sick of hearing this being said time and time again. :badmood:

            Just what on earth are these Housing Departments telling people? They are utterly WRONG. :rant:

            ASBO's are there for ANYONE who causes trouble consistently in a community regardless of tenure: youths (over certain age, sorry don't know off top of my head), tenants, owners etc.

            Eden - and all of the rest of you in Eden's situation (cos there's been at least two or three lately), you are all being given the WRONG advice. The Council and the Police - usually in collaboration with each other can now seek an ASBO on anyone for anti-social behaviour.

            OK, the owners can't be evicted, but they can certainly be controlled by an ASBO - they will have conditions attached to them that will stipulate where the offender can go within an area and what times they are allowed to be out of their homes etc.

            Keep logging everything - Date, time, nature of problem, how it made you feel etc.

            Please, go back to your Council, see the Head of the Housing Department and demand to know who your ASBO officer is for the Council (and there must be some one). If they say there isn't one, then say to him/her, 'well, in that case it'll be YOU then'. As head of Housing, s/he must take the responsibility. :angry:

            Also do the same with the police, don't let them fob you off.

            There are new laws in place now, but it does not excuse Housing Officers up and down the country from being ignorant. They are supposed to be professionals - they get paid for this work, so use them and force them to act!

            If necessary, complain to your MP, Councillors and the Council's Ombudsman, it's really not good enough! :frown:

            Mazza (rant over )



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              Hi Eden

              There are different strategies/protocols in different areas for coordinating the reduction of anti-social behaviour. Councils have a duty under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to establish partnerships with the police and others in the area to deal with this and other aspects of crime and disorder. However, protocols do differ from area to area. There will be an Anti-social Behaviour co-ordinator in each area's multi-agency partnership - may be police or local authority.

              Your council's nuisance harassment team/officer or your police dept should be able to advise you who is the co-ordinator in your area, and perhaps you could contact them to establish what action could be taken against your neighbour, as a homeowner, and who would take that action.

              Having looked at the description of our local Housing Deapartment's Nuisance and Harassment on their web-site, it states that the team exists solely for the purpose of resolving issues relating to L.A. (council) tenancies in our area. This is why I would suggest tracking down the ASB co-ordinator in your area!

              A factsheet produced by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is available here


              Good luck in getting an answer to your question




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                Thank-you all for your replies, my home-owner NFH has caused us several destressing moments. The father has pushed me around and threaten me, thrown smelly liquid over me (don't know what it was, but caused irratation to my eyes and skin) all of this was acompanyed with foul language and my children witnessed it all, him and his children have entered my garden on various occasions, caused damage/stolen my property, my son has been assulted on three occassions now by children who are friends of my NFH (resulting in one of the friends being charged) he patted the lad on the back for assulting my son whilst telling me its going to get worse, malicious phone calls and fast food deliveries ( i have found out and have proof that it was my NFH offspring 14yr old ), they poke their heads over the 6ft fence to demand/verbally harass us, sometimes have a camera pointing directly into our garden (this was witnessed by police), i think thats all folks, oh yea and last summer they had a skate ramp directly outside our gate so we had to climb over to get to our house and water bombs have come through my windows (as well as eggs,stones) I NOW HAVE CCTV and a DIGICAM which i think they are aware of because lately they have n't done any of the above, still have the noise and dogs but not as bad as it was (maybe thats because the EHO are now involved) i did try to keep it short and still think i missed something out!? i really am at my wits end with this, still live and learn ah! :ban:


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                  Hi Eden,

                  Well it's a result of sorts that your CCTV is keeping them at bay, and I really hope that the harassment of your son has stopped since this other boy was charged. What happened to him was awful :cry:

                  As Mazza, Sapph and others have said, the council and police are there to protect you and your family. Please don't give up on them, and don't let them give up on you.

                  I wish you and your family well

                  Blue Cow