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How can I prove it?

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  • How can I prove it?

    I assume that no one had to do this and probably very difficult one to prove, just like the noise problem caused by NFH. But I thought I ask just in case.

    I over heard a conversation that my NFH is earning money from child minding. Now I know that this person hardly goes out apart from taking a kid to school in the morning and bringing IT home in the afternoon. And occasional visit elsewhere but she never leaves me in peace more than 2 hours max!

    There were times I found NFH had about 5 kids running around.

    Now, NFH is not supposed be running any business in the flat but how can I prove this? If she'd been questioned, I am certain that she'll just say looking after her friend's kids etc.... and the council will write back and say NFH is allowed to have friends around but if you have further problems, please get in touch...type of thing.

    NFH just seem to know exactly how to get away with anything!


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    A sort of similar thing - I suspect that my nfhs are carrying on a car repair and secondhand car dealing business but it's not easy to prove. At the moment I'm looking through all the local ads for second hand cars. If I see one that looks like one of his I will pretend to be a prospective customer. It may be that you nfh advertises her services somewhere.


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      Thank you for your info Had Enough.

      She ruined my life and investment I worked very hard for and she is driving me out of my flat.

      If it is legal, I do not care because I will be gone soon because of her.

      She may well suspect me but she can never prove that either if I do it annonymously.

      She says she pays her NI at the end of the year (errr when I was self-employed I had to pay my NI every month... wonder how she does it!)

      so she is supposedly working.



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        Tricky :huh: .

        The tenancy agreement will state that she must get permission to run a business and that means that the Council will normally grant the permission subject to a few conditions.

        The conditions are usually that she is a 'Registered' Childminder, that she has appropriate insurances (well, that's actually usually part of the 'registration' process anyway, but most Housing Depts will re-inforce this message) and, most importantly in your case, that the business doen not cause a nuisance to other residents.

        It really depends on what you want to do about this. Is it a case of cheating benefits, breaching the tenancy agreement or both?

        It's up to you if you want to report it to the benefits office, but you may never know the outcome.

        If you report it to the Housing Dept, you can ask them to keep your name anonymous. They may or may not act on the info - it really depends on how much you nag at them. Even if they do nothing about the business, she must still keep her visitors' kids under control and she'll be told this.

        Another port of call could be the Social Services (or the Care Commission depending on where you live) - you can look them up and ask if she's a registered childminder. They should be interested if she's looking after kids all day and not registered.

        At the end of the day, if you think it will stop her causing a nuisance, then go and report it. I do think that it may be frustrating though - after your initial adrenaline rush of reporting it, you'll probably sit back and wait, and wait, and wait... By then you could well have moved and won't know the outcome anyway.

        It's your shout!




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          Thank you everyone for cautious advises.

          I don't know if I'd go ahead and do it but I am collecting amnitions at the moment.

          And this is one of them. If push comes shove, I will drop one or two bombs on my way out

          For those of you who may be interested in the Childminding business... here are some facts I found out. But don't take my words for it and please re-check details with relevant officials.

          1. Childminders must be registered with Ofstead but you must go through local council's Childcare Development Team who'd help you with the process. Registration costs £9 and you are required to go on 6 weeks course (1 day per week). Then your home will be inspected for Health and Safety reasons.

          2. One needs to register as a childminder regardless of how many kids you are going to look after. However, if you only work less than 2 hours per day you don't have to.

          3. Unregistered childminders are breaking the law.



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            I would also imagine that as they are working with children they would have to undergo a police check via the Criminal Records Bureau. And that might take a while as well.

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              I was considering childminding at one stage and everything said above is correct. it takes quite a while to get registered (up to ten weeks just for the police check!)and the social services/council generally only register you for a couple of kids at first and then let you add as time goes by. its quite difficult to get them to agree to a baby being minded straight after registration.

              when my house was checked for helath and safety i was told to put a plastic film over my windows in case kids bashed them, so the glass wouldnt shatter everywhere, and also a childminder I used to use for my daughter was not allowed to let children in her care use her garden as it was not completely enclosed. they are not supposed to let the kids play outside without them closely supervising.

              even though my childminder was very nice and had insurance and was registered, she didnt pay NI or tax and i think they were about to catch up with her when she decided she wanted to take a break from it.

              if you want to be sneaky why dont you phone the council, say you are looking for a childminder in your area and get them to send you a list....she may appear on it. or not, as the case may be.

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                Thank you Annabel for your confirmation and a tip.

                I might just ask the council for the list



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                  That's such a good idea - why didn't I think of it?? :lol:

                  I'd do it, then you'll know for sure if she is or isn't registered and make your decision what you want to do next.

                  Keep us posted.



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                    I contacted the council this morning and this is what they said.

                    Under OFSTED instruction:

                    (aged 0 - 8)

                    A Childminder can only look after max. of 6 children.

                    Out of 6 children, she can only look after one child aged under 1 at one time (meaning she can't look after two babies.. don't know what happens if one has twin :daisy: :daisy.

                    Out of 6 children, she can look after upto 3 children aged under 5, and this may include the above said baby.

                    My local authority keeps a part-time and a full-time childminder's list. They change all the time and if a childminder is looking after maximum number of children, her name will not appear!

                    Hi, HN,

                    Thank you for your input. DSS did what they did because if your circumstance changes whilst on benefit, one need to let them know. I presume this person didn't informed them.