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    My neighbours all smoke, I live in a terraced house. Their smoke seeps in to my house and i HAVE TO BREATHE THEIR FILTH IN.

    Are they allowed to disturb my life with this. What do you think, had the same poblem let me know.

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    Hi charlieboy


    Hmm, this is a tricky one. I can understand your problem though as I really hate ciggie smoke too. :huh:

    Do you own your property?

    Are your neighbours owners?

    Are you tenants?

    If you all have a landlord, the landlord could be approached to survey the properties with a view to providing draughtproofing and perhaps repairs to brickwork (pointing etc), floorboards and plasterwork.

    If you own, you would obviously be responsible for such work.

    Try keeping your vents closed (windows and air bricks) for a period of time - although to do this permanently is not a good idea from the point of view that condensation could occur.

    There's nothing you can do to actually stop them smoking though so ultimatley if there are design/repair problems with the terrace, I'd consider moving away if it was really bothersome :sad: . Is this a possibility? It might not be ideal, but the alternative is putting up with the stinkiness.

    It's like soundproofing - some buildings are bettter than others and you need to ask yourself if you are prepared to put up with it. :unsure:

    Let us know how you go



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      Hi, thanks for the reply.

      I own the house and so do the NFH's as well. The mum is fine. Th daughter moved in, 18 yrs, smokes, moved her boyfriend in , 19yrs, he smokes. They don't work so when I come home after work to relax - the problem is huge. He's just gone to jail for stabbing someone and she, the daughter, has one child and another on the way.

      My life is a misery. I am getting more worked up about it by the day. I have only just come off anti-depressants and I can feel myself plumeting mentally.



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        Is it just the smoking that's an issue or their behaviour too?

        This forum can help you with advice regarding their behaviour issues, although the smoking is a different lobby altogether. Perhaps look at an anti-smoking group for further info on that (e.g. ASH).

        However, it's still worth looking at draughtproofing etc if you see yourself staying on in the property.



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          Welcome to the forum CB

          I won't double the advice already given, but have you contacted your Local Authority Environmental Health Dept for advice yet? This would really need to be your first port of call I think. Remember though, they may ask you questions as to why/how this is occurring and why/how this is happening.

          Are you having a problem with the smoke entering your home via other entries? (e.g. brickwork?) or is it just the windows when open etc? How can cigarette smoke be entering into your home to such a large degree?

          If you're having a range of Neighbour issues, be sure to check the Article section here:

          It has a range of topics with comprehensive help/info.

          When/if you contact your LA Env Health Dept, ask them about the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and if this can help you with regards the quality of air/possible cig. smoke probs:

          (Snippets of this from above link).

          Hope this helps.

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            Hi charlieboy,

            Try not to let your irritation get on top of you (easier said than done!).

            Logically though, if there's nothing you can do to prevent the smell you dislike from seeping in then you have to live with it or move. Working yourself up won't change their smoking habits but will spoil your quality of life by lowering your morale and self-esteem, making you more vulnerable to depression.

            Don't spend too much time thinking about it, try and focus on more pleasant things.
            'The only kind of courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one minute to the next.' - Mignon McLaughlin


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              Matthew has raised an intresting point about how the smell is coming in.

              I can smell my neighbours cooking but only when I am in the cellar, if I could be bothered I could fill the gaps up and wallop some plaster on the walls and that would proberbly stop the problem.....not that I see it as much of a problem my self.

              I would have a nosey around the walls, check for gaps and cracks, are there vents between the houses, stuff like that.

              smells and smoke are different things....smells can seep into homes, smoke is thicker, made up up bigger particales so if its smoke coming in you really need to find out where from and get it fixed.

              hope you can sort it


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                Thank you all for your help. I will do as you advise. I don't mind them smoking, I just don't want to breathe their smoke in, my basic human right.

                Thank you all again and thanks for making my first posting great..


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                  Hi Charlieboy,

                  Glad you found the forum useful

                  Just another thought - ionisers are quite cheap these days and help with smoke particles apparently.

                  Also, neutradol gel is good too.

                  Worth a shot



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                    Originally posted by charlieboy@Sep 30 2003, 9:14 PM

                    Thank you all for your help.
                    Hi CB, glad you found the replies helpful

                    Can you tell us a bit more about the smoke entries then?


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                      Remember, our noses are so sensitive they can pick up just a few molecules of 'foreign smell' - so it doesn't take much smoke to seep in to be noticable, particularly when you don't smoke yourself.

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                        You could try using the plug in scented air freshners, in the worst area. Maybe get some scented candles in your favorite aroma.



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                          Not sure what this is doing on the forum if the only problem is smoke- hardly makes them bad neighbours.......

                          I smoke but try not to inflict the smoke on others and never smoke in the house. However, if a window is open even slightly and one puff of smoke goes in when I have a fag outside then everyone can smell it, especially non-smokers.

                          I find it stange that so much smell can seep in, unless you both leave windows open? Would suggest a good builder for advice?

                          Good luck anyway.
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