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  • Please help me?


    I really need some help. I posted here a while ago:

    Things have escalated and my letting agency are now going to try to evict my neighbour. Great I thought to start with. My letting agency asked me and my other neighbour S to write a statement that they can use as evidence in court. So we both do a statement, S posts hers. I haven't posted mine yet, what if my neighbour hears it in court and plots her revenge after she's been evicted. She could get someone to hurt me or damage my car. On the other hand if i dont submit the statement she might not get evicted and my relationship with S would suffer. I'm so confused, I can't way up the pros and cons of it. If she stays i'm scared I'm she gets evicted I'll be scared.

    This probably doesn't make alot of sense.

    I'd be grateful if anyone has any advice.


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    Hi Dizzy,

    Don't worry, you're making complete sense and I can see why your a bit tentative about this.

    Only you can weigh up the pro's and con's, it's a very personal choice/decision here.

    Have you asked the letting agency if you can remain anonymous during this process? Or you could stipulate that your information/statement's identification (e.g. you) may be revealed to the court but not to the NFH? Check this out and use your local Citizen's Advice Bureau too if you can or a solicitor if you have one/access to one.

    Good luck with it, and remember you can alert the police and ask for their help too ok



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      What a terrible situation to be in. :sad:

      Is there nobody you can talk to about this - I mean, a police officer, lawyer, Court official etc to explain that you fear reprisals and can they not name you in court?

      I am not really sure of whether this is possible - I am sure others will be along very soon to confirm this (or not).

      It's really tough, but I'd take the risk because at least it gets rid of them and if anything does start happening to you, you can point the police in the right direction.

      You could, if you do decide to give the statement start protecting your property (CCTV, alarms etc), perhaps that may give you peace of mind?

      On a more positive side, often these types of people threaten all sorts and they don't carry them out, although I know I'd be worried too.

      Sorry I'm not much help, but mainly wanted to offer support

      Best of luck and let us know how you're getting on.




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        Thanks to both of you.

        Matthew - I originally submitted my statement and asked for it not to be divulged to any 3rd party, but my letting agency told me that they need to be able to show the statements to the judge in court. And no-one can tell me if the judge will read out the statement to the court. I don't have access to a solicitor and have no money to be able to get help that way. I might try Citizens Advice tomorrow. There seems no way to stay annonymous. The other problem is that my NFH has done different harrassment to me and S so she'd recognise who was saying what straight away. And even if she doesn't turn up in court she will probably get a copy of the transcript. I'm holding up the whole process by not being able to decide if i should give evidence.

        The worse that has happened is a few weeks ago S's telephone wire got cut, obviously this is criminal damage but there was no proof. The police did get involved but my NFH wouldn't answer the door.

        Mazza - I do have the number of my local beat officer who I expect I could ring for advice. But I feel compared to all the crime out there this problem would seem trivial to them.

        I'm just so stressed over the whole thing and am worrying myself over what 'might' happen. I do think my NFH is mentally unstable which is why I am so scared of what she might do.



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          Please ring that number. Your bobby gave it to you for a reason - use it today, tomorrow at the latest!

          I know we give the police a bit of a bad time, but honestly, you might be surprised at what they can do to protect you, so please call them up.

          Don't you worry about other people and whether your problem is 'too small'.

          It is a problem to you, so it is certainly not too small.

          And look at it this way, if it is a 'small problem' then your bobby will think 'Phew, that's an easy one for me to deal with today'. And it will get dealt with!

          Good luck




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            Use the Police. The community beat bobbies were put in place to help people like us with so called "trivial" problems, although I reckon that "trivialising" problem neighbours is a crime in itself!

            You do have a dilemma. Perhaps it's worth considering the odds and take a gamble - if nfh stays you have the problem for a long time. If nfh gets evicted there is a 50/50 chance that revenge may be taken against you.

            50% is better than 100% perhaps??? Believe me, I understand fully where you are coming from and that your fears are very real. The Police who came to us when we were threatened said that statistically, only about 10% of threats made are ever carried out.

            Not a lot of help, but food for thought.

            Take care and I hope all goes well.

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              I would defintalty pre warn the police, give them a tinkle and ask for a visit, having a police pressence at your home which might be seen by NFH could show them you are not taking this lying down

              a pre warning for them if you like

              the cons of making the statement are there, damage etc

              the pro is though, that your NFH will be gone.........IMHO worth it

              at the end of the day you are the only person who can decide

              if your good neighbour has done it too that gives you support, you can support each other through the process, and by contacting the police you are preparing your self

              you can never be too prepared

              good luck with what ever you decide

              and I hope your NFH will be gone very soon :clover:


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                Hi Dizzy,

                There's not much I can add to what other members have said. Maybe you should write down on a piece of paper the pro's and cons of making a statement. I think also you should ask that if you make a statement you are allowed to say how afraid you are of repercussions.

                Again, I would urge you to contact your neighbourhood officer and put him/her in the picture as to what is going on.

                Whatever you decide, good luck and I hope things turn out the way you want them to

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                  Dizzy, Hi - I really feel for you in this situation. You have been given a lot of very useful advice from the very experienced people on this forum. My own view on this is that you should make a statement no matter how daunting. If you don't, it is less likely that the court will take action and you may damage your relationship with your other good neighbour. Also I suspect that whether or not you make a statement your nfh will assume that you have anyway. I know it's frightening but my feeling is that most nfh's get away with their behaviour because too few people are prepared to stand up to them


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                    Perhaps the statements would only be read by the Judge?

                    Perhaps the Judge can order the session "in camera" (that means privately)

                    If something does happen to you afterwards, then the police would have a reason to question the NFH (proven motive)

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                      Hi Dizzy, and sorry to hear this neighbour persists in making life a misery :badmood:

                      Just a thought on sources of advice. Have a look at


                      to see if there is an independent Housing Advice/Aid centre in your area;their advice is free, and they should have a good handle on the situation as regards dealing with the landlord, and a good knowledge of the eviction/court processes.

                      And please do continue to press the community police for their help, that is what they are there for, and once you have that relationship established it may feel easier to call them if you have any concerns.

                      Best of luck, and do let us know how things are going



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                        Hi Dizzy

                        Sorry I've come in late to this one (and somehow I missed your other post completely :blink: ).

                        Anyway, just to add my opinion - on top of all the useful suggestions you've had already:

                        You have to go for it and supply the statement (although, obviously at the end of the day it is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with). If you have already been in touch with the Agents and Police about your NFH, the NFH is already aware that they are causing you a nuisance.

                        It all depends what the Agents are going for possession on, if it is solely on nuisance grounds, then they will have to provide evidence of it (yours and S statements plus anything else they can find) - the particulars of the claim will be sent to your NFH in advance of the Court Hearing to allow them to file a defence. At the Hearing, the Judge will have read through everything and will make a decision based on the evidence before them - your NFH may attend the Hearing with or without representation and put their case forward. If the Agents are just going for possession on a nuisance ground, it is discretionary (not a mandatory ground) - the Judge has to weigh the case up. The more evidence they have, the better chance they'll have of making the decision you want.

                        How are things at the moment with you?


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                          Dizzy, my apologies also for coming in late on this one.

                          I agree with Holly, I think you need to screw up your courage and send that letter in. The more evidence the judge has the better he can make his decision.

                          I would also take a guess and say it wont be the first time these NFH have made nuisances of themselves and had to be evicted, so you go for it Dizzy and get them out of your face!!!!

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