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    My friend has a problem with a neighbour who lives downstairs in a property with three leasehold flats. He not only refuses to maintain the property as he is obliged to under their Management agreement (leaves rubbish lying around etc), but has been vandalising my friend's terrace roof. While she was on holiday he tore down the wall around the terrace and also tore down her satellite dish. He informed her that her lease does not allow her to have a satellite dish and that it also does not give permission for her to use her own roof terrace (although the terrace was there when she bought the flat and has patio doors). He refused to pay the communal house insurance and then set fire to his flat when drunk. She actually saved his life by calling the fire brigade (not that he is very grateful). He is abusive and threatening towards her. When a man came to fit a new satellite dish for her he was shaking the ladder trying to make the man fall down! The police will not do anything as they say it is a domestic dispute. The landlord is very unhelpful. It is strange that this downstairs neighbour (who is incidentally a property developer) is friendly with her upstairs neighbour (also a property developer). I have a feeling they are trying to force her to move out and then buy the flat at a low price.

    Can anyone suggest a way forward?



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    Hi Ania and welcome

    Sorry to hear about the problems your friend is having.

    First thing to check out:

    Have they got legal cover with their Buildings/Contents Insurance? If so, contact the legal department to discuss all of this.

    If they haven't got this type of cover, then I would suggest they see a Solicitor (armed with their deeds).

    The damage to your friends property sounds like it was criminal damage - not a "domestic dispute" :huh: , the Police response on a neighbour nuisance/damage complaint never ceases to amaze me.

    If this person is also being verbally abusive and threatening, then your friend should speak to the Police again about it. You should tell you friend to go to this link here and read about the Protection from Harassment Act 1997:

    Check out a couple of the Self-Help Articles in particular:

    Your friend must try to amass as much evidence of the neighbours' behaviour as possible. Does your friend have CCTV, video camera or dictaphone - all these are very useful in terms of gathering evidence. There's a blank sheet to write things down on (print off plenty of copies) here:

    Hope that's a start, I'm sure many more members will come along with advice and support very soon. Please let us know what happens and I hope your friend gets a new keyboard soon .

    :nfh1: Holly


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      Hi Ania and Ania's friend

      Hope that you are feeling better already after getting real good advice from Holly .

      I can't really add much more - my feelings are the same about looking at the Protection of Harrassment Act and going back to the police about the NFH's behaviour. As for the satellite and patio, it's criminal damage; what are they playing at telling you it's a ''domestic''? :angry:

      Otherwise, might be best if she can consult her own solicitor armed with her lease agreement - costly, I know, but many of us here have been forced down this route by NFH terrorists :sad: .

      There's always someone to turn to here - so please pop back often!!




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        Hi Ania and friend!

        Sorry I can't be much help, other than reiterating the good pointers you've had already!

        Have any complaints been put in writing to the landlord? Think that could be a good idea, to try and get some help from him, or to least show that your friend has communicated with him/what's been said. I think a half hour to run things by a soloicitor might be an an idea if anything is not clear in the agreement about who can do what. It sounds as if that neighbour was in clear breach tho' in refusing to get insurance!

        What horrible neighbours these are! . I hope a written complaint may provoke a written response from this landlord, but if not, I would seriously think about a little legal advice about the next step! Worth checking at to see if there are any independent housing advice centres for some help in your area.





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          Hi Ania and welcome to the forum

          I'm inclined to agree with Holly. What your friend's NFH did was commit criminal damage and it is NOT a domestic dispute.

          There's not much I can add to advice already given by other members but I extend my sympathy to your friend.

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Absolutely, this behaviour is criminal damage and as for such should be prosecuted for.

            Welcome to the forum Ania


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              Hi everyone,

              Many thanks for the advice and support which I have forwarded to my friend . I think for her it makes such a difference to have someone to talk to about this. Hopefully she will now be able to take things further.

              I am hoping she gets her computer sorted out soon so that she can join the forum and chat to you all in person (as she spilled tea on her laptop and can't type at the moment!).



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                Hi Ania

                Glad your friend feels supported here! And she's lucky to have a good friend to help her through this

                We welcome her joining us, when all is well with her computer :thumbs: