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Out on License or Parole

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  • Out on License or Parole

    Hi, just wondering if there is anyway that we can check if our bfh is on Parole/Out of License. We have been down the Mental Health Route and drawn a blank. Our other thought is that our nfh has come out of prison. Please let me know if we can do anything about making checks. Thanks. :angel: :ban:

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    Hi peacelily

    Not quite sure where this question has come from, but if someone has come out of prison, then the first contact should be with the Probation Service - BUT it is very unlikely they would give you any information. In fact, they may be negligent if they did.

    PS, who is BFH?


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      Hi peacelily

      Why would you be making all these checks?

      I'm at a loss? MH services wouldn't want to tell you anything (out of confidentiality), and would receive information only on a basis of whether someone is concerned that someone may be a danger to themself or others. Why would the probation service break confidentiality to tell you anything? If someone is on parole/licence it is up to that authority to make sure the offender keeps to the terms of that order.



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        I am also of the opinion that you'll not get any info off of any of the authorities.

        The only way you might find out is if he's actually told one of the other neighbours and they blether it to you.

        Mind you, even if he is, I don't think there's really anything you could do or protest about it as he would be under the supervision of the appropriate officers.



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          Please let me know if we can do anything about making checks

          Probation are not going to tell you anything.

          Neither will the police or criminal records because you do not have a 'need to know' authorisation.

          As well as a duty of care to the community, they also have a duty of care to the offender, to help ensure his integration back into society and reduce (or eliminate if possible) the risk of reoffending.

          Probation keep a pretty tight ship with regards to monitoring. I can assure you if he is out of prison he's being 'watched'.

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            You could ask at your local paper. They might be able to help. They keep back issues. And if your NFH is "important" enough, he might ebven have his own clippings file.