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Solicitor required to deal with NFH

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  • Solicitor required to deal with NFH

    I'm looking for a solicitor to represent my family in an upcoming eviction of the NFH i live next door too.

    I will also be wanting the solicitor to look into taking legal proceedings against members of the family, and also the local authority for lack of action over the past 3 years.

    If anyone knows of a good solicitor who would be willing to look at my families plight, please let me know.

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    Hi Buggerlugs

    You first port of call to look for a Solicitor should be here:

    Type in a search request for your area and a Solicitor specialising in housing cases.

    That should do the trick .

    The legal aid eligibility calculator is here:


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      Hi BL

      We have some links in the NFH Links Database that could help:


      Legal Advice (Free)

      Good Luck :nfh1:


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        Dear Buggerlugs,

        I may be able to help you with a brilliant solicitor, but a lot depends on where you live. You wouldn't want a solicitor who is miles away from you. Could you say whereabouts you are.

        Best wishes,



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          Hi BL ....and sorry you need a good solicitor in the first place

          I hope you can find someone who is not only good, but good in housing law/challenging Local Authorities, who will have their own legal team.

          The best of luck with the legal action, I hope you get a good outcome



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            I am specifically looking for a top rate "housing" specialist solicitor who will take my case on pro-bono or using legal aid.

            I live in Lancashire, so anywhere in my county would be fine.


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              Have you searched in the directory at justask? :huh:

              You can specify that you want a housing specialist service there.

              That's where you need to be looking...

              Or contact your local authority to see if you have an Independent Housing Advice Centre in your area, if they can't deal with your case themselves, they will be able to make an active referral to a specialist provider in your area.


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                yes I've tried justask but its not been of much use. Its was mostly personal injury specialists.

                Of the ones I've spoke to who do have "housing" specialities I'm not satisfied with their level of experience, also generally the level of solicior experience with antisocial behaviour normally is defending the antisocial people, not the people who have to put up with their criminal exploits.

                So can anyone suggest a solicitor in Lancs/manchester who'd fit what I'm looking for???


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                  Hi buggerlugs

                  There are 31 housing specialist LSC funded providers within a 5m radius of Manchester.

                  Check here:

                  Perhaps you should try one of the Law Centres or a Shelter Advice Centre as a first port of call?