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How can I interfere with a TV reception?

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  • How can I interfere with a TV reception?

    My NFH has decided to put his TV right next to our party wall. Not only do we now have to hear it, it also interferes with our telephone.

    Does anyone know how we could put an electrical device next to the wall to mess up the picture?

    I only want to interfere with the picture, NOT damage the TV. Hopefully this will make him move it.
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      I'm sure that will help people suffering from TV interference Reinen, thank you


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        Nice technical knowledge Reinen;very impressed!


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          I cant get it to load nor can M


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            Well, there are people who sell jamming devices which would do what you want. There are also people who thought they could get away with selling them, who now have criminal records.

            This is what you'll need:- "Domestic Television And Radio Interference. ... For details on how to request an investigation see the leaflet RA179 Television and Radio Interference...."

            Domestic Television and Radio Interference

            I hope this helps.