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  • Mediation Service


    Can you guys point me in the right direction for information and details of these services applicable for Housing Associations. I've got one site ie mediation UK but not quite sure if this is what the HA's would use.

    And of course if there are any sites with details and info on mediation.



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    most housing assc like tennents to be pro-active by using mediation and things, it saves them a bit of paper work!! :lol:

    we do have a few members here who will know a lot more than me about HA and mediation

    I have heard some very good things about mediation and I suggest that any one who can, trys it.

    many councils operate a mediation service, if you look at your council website or even through the phone book you should (I hope) find something in your area

    let us know how you get on


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      Beth Hi,

      My Housing a** has insinuated that by going through Mediation .. first, it will be looked upon favourably should an eviction order be sought through the courts.

      Unfortunately without going into too much detail the HO doesn't seem to know much about the service or how you can contact it??????. So I am actually trying to help him out, though to be honest in my view its a waste of time.


      aka SC


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        Hi SC

        If you visit

        and have a look at the bottom left of the home page, there is a link to the page to find your nearest mediation service. Different services in different areas may offer different types of mediation (for example family, or community/neighbour problems. May be worth finding a couple nearest to you, and ringing them to see if they offer mediation for neighbour disputes. If they do, it is likely that they will do so to everyone in their area.

        You are wise in thinking a court may view this in a light that suggests you are instigating attemts to have reasonable dialogue with your nfh to try to resolve problems. This does not mean you have to admit any fault, if you haven't any, but you may try suggesting how a change in your nfh's behaviour could be more reasonable and make your lives more tolerable.

        Good luck.



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          We need to add some more Mediation links to our main NFH Links Directory, but the one Sapph mentioned is also here :

          NFH in Britain Mediation Links Category


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            Let's get this straight, The Housing Association does not know much about mediation services??? oh mi gawd!


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              Please let us all know how you get on with the Mediation service.

              Good Luck.