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A New Area For You Guys To Critique

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  • A New Area For You Guys To Critique


    Ok, had a call from someone with a 1 bed on the Caledonian Road Estate.

    Going to look at it Saturday. Not sure to be honest. I don't know what North London is like generally.

    So I welcome your opinions and knowledge.


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    dont really know to be honest!

    but will say go and sit out side the flat at different times of day and night and different days too to check it out!

    got my fingers crossed for you PJ!!


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      Don't know the area either Paul, but hope it's nice

      I'm sure other members will have though.

      Try this site, you could get some stats/info:


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        have u tried asking at the local police station?? they should be quite objective. also try the local corner shop /off licence... if there are troublesome elements they will have had direct contact??

        check out local press as well, they will know if there are regular reports of buglary, muggings, car theft etc (typical inner city stuff but some estates seem to suffer more than others???)

        if desperate try local estate agents.. see if they know of many flats coming onto the market from the estate.. a lot of people wanting to move may mean a lot of trouble.........

        best of luck



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          Thanks for the replies.

          I found a report on crime on the Islington council website. It even showed a map with hotspots noted. This flat isn't in on of the bad areas.

          To be honest I feel it may be a litte too far for me as far as Uni is concerned. I may ask him if he likes my place if he's interested in a three way. I checked the homeswap website and did a basic search for people looking for a 1bed in that area who have what I want round this way. So long as he doesn't end up wanting their place of course.


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            Can't help PJ I'm afraid, I don't know the area.

            Be creative online and I'm sure you'll find lots of information


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              I was up that way recently. The council/HA estates look to be fairly well managed, better than in some boroughs. But, you get social problems on most estates these days. So, consider whether you want to move onto an estate or hold out for a street property/conversion.

              I would like a street place or a block of flats on there own. I've had my fair share of unsoundproofed conversions though so I'm a bit wary of anything like that. :sad:



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                Ok. Went and saw it today. The flat itself is nice. Good size and nice upvc sash windows.

                The estate is quite small tbh and seculded. There's bigger 'estates' near where I am now.

                Only thing i'm not sure about is getting from there to where i'm studying. I suppose I could get the tube but that would mean paying £60 odd a month for a student LT card. But then it is nice and easy to get to the center of london. Good for nights out and the tube and bus stops are 5 mins walk/stagger away. B)

                Hmm. What to do. I suppose I should wait till he's at least seen mine.

                I'll still mention the possibility of a three way exchange of course.



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                  Hi Paul

                  Glad you like the flat....good luck with it if you balance everything up, and decide to go for it



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                    I spoke to someone on another list who's lived in the area for 4 years. He says he's never had a problem with that area. So maybe I'll go for it.


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                      good for you Paul!!

                      remember to check the area out at different times though!!!! :lol:


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                        hi there.

                        caledonian road was always a place i passed through on my way into town. i was brought up in north london and as a young adult, deliberately chose to live in tottenham, and many people thought i was nuts!!

                        caledonian road is kind of caught between the very gentrified areas which have become very expensive and run down estates with lots of problems. although lots of money is going into these areas to regenerate them, supposedly. rather like tottenham in way. it is going to be a bit rough and you will have to keep your wits about you if you decide to move there. but is it so different in notting hill?

                        it is however, extremely accessible for most places and has good travel links and plenty of shops, a few good clubs and bars. my father in law likes a good old mooch down there. its always been an area where the population is constantly changing, so you need to be able to cope with this.

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                          Hi Paul

                          When I was younger I had a friend who lived in Islington, who had no problems at all

                          It is sometimes the case that these inner city estates are better than living in rural 'quiet' areas.

                          Another friend in North London, who has 5 kids, lives in a block of 6 flats has absolutely no problems with her neighbours at all, a lot of this is down to the fact that most of the neighbours are professional people and that the soundproofing is brilliant. I must say that her teenage daughters aren't exactly quiet either :lol:

                          Good luck with whatever you decide to do :clover: :clover: :clover:



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                            Hi PJ

                            I've never heard of Caledonian Road as being a den of iniquity so I think it sounds OK. I know the area by sight and it seems OK too - as far as Inner London Boroughs go.

                            Anywhere you live within London will have a risk of crime/disorder attached to it - it's the nature of the city.

                            If you like the flat and so far it all seems quite positive, then go back and see it at various times of day - just even go to look at the general area to get a feel for the sights and sounds.

                            At the end of the day though, you have to be happy to move there from the point of view of your convenience and lifestyle, so carefully weigh it all up - perhaps write a big list of issues with two columns: one column for 'minuses' of moving and the other for 'plusses'. I did that before I took the plunge to move and it really helped to make my decisions. They still hold true today, 6 years on!

                            Good luck



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                              Oh well. No response from him for a couple of weeks so I guess that means he wasn't serious.

                              I'm not fussed, kinda went off the area tbh.

                              Been looking on the homeswap site and found a few nice looking places incl. a 2 bed house in SE London.