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Finding Out About Prospective Neighbours

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  • Finding Out About Prospective Neighbours

    When we finally get our house sold, we will be looking to move far, far away, BUT is there anyway of finding out about your prospective neighbours before making an offer on a house? What sort of information is available in the public domain linked to addresses?

    I have seen American websites that offer online investigation tools, but as far as I know those only apply to Americans.

    All advice welcome

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    Hi freaky

    Not sure what you can get online, but there are agencies out there that you can pay to fully investigate any prospective property/neighbourhood. They make all kinds of enquiries by all accounts.

    I can't remember the name of the agency that I saw on TV once, but if you want I can see what digging I can do?

    It costs though and the price depends on how in-depth you want your finished report to look like.


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      If you are buying the vendor is obliged by law to tel lyou of any disputes or problems with neighbours.

      A woman sold her house to get away from a NFH. The people who bought the house from her found the NFH equally hellish and were able to sue her for damages.So check with the vendor.


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        i seem to recall also that you can pay an agency to investigate the neighbourhood you are buying into. i think the agency was called answers investigation, and they definitely have a website as i looked at it!!! i think they charge about £400 to check out that what the vendor of the house is saying about their neighbours is true.

        i decided against it, and i have visited my prospective new house at differing times of the day more than a dozen times, but i you can only find out so much that way (e.g.if the area is noisy) as we know a lot of NFH are not noisy , they inflict themselves in other ways, and apparently this agency will knock on neighbours doors and ask questions.

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          Hi there

          I've had a look at that Answers Investigations. It's still not the one I've heard of. I've been trawling through loads of searches trying to find the one I'm thinking of.

          I did come across one site - don't know how useful it will be to anyone in practice (eg. I don't know what "gold card ownership levels" is going to tell you :lol: ).

          Other sites worth looking at:

          There's a great site I found at: they have links to all sorts of different things.

          Happy searching :lol: