Noisy Music From Cars

There must be very few people who have not been subjected to the ‘boom box car’ noise as we go about our daily business or try to relax in our own homes.

The noise is unmistakably nauseating, disturbing and totally unnecessary.

Boom, Boom = Thumping Headache!

This uninvited noise can cause distress, depression and loss of sleep amongst other things.

Indeed, in these modern times we live in it is almost impossible to avoid the constant thump and boom of these anti-social cars (which often produce anti-social driving), which not only can be heard but also ‘felt’ as the vibrations invade our whole body!

Noise Travels

To listen to any unwanted noise is distressing but boom box cars are a real problem due to the speed and/or location and nature of the noise it can be difficult at times to even pinpoint where the noise is coming from.

Authorities do have powers to act, but generally this can only be enforced if the vehicle is parked and one-off occurrences of a vehicle in motion are rarely acted upon.

Persistent Noisy Offenders

However, if you have a persistent problem or a persistent offender in your locality then you can contact your local police or local authority.

Other unwanted vehicle noise may include car horns, people working on cars, revving of car engines and car alarms. It seems we cannot survive without vehicles in today’s society, but their misuse by an inconsiderate minority can lead to intolerable stress for many.

If the noise is persistent it is worth contacting your local authority and reporting it as they can take action.

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