tinselNot quite what Bing Crosby used to sing, but you can rest assured that many forum members at NFHiB were dreaming of an NFH free last/next Christmas and most probably wanted a Christmas just like the ones they used to know.

Many NFHiB members dread the onset of Christmas and the New Year as it so often brings about with it, the expected increase in Neighbour From Hell activity, nuisance and attention from next door, or within local communities.

After the tinsel is torn down, the remnants of Christmas lunch have been digested, many Neighbour From Hell sufferers are still left with the most un-seasonable and unpalatable indigestion, the Neighbour From Hell. The problem doesn’t disappear with the season unfortunately, it’s a permanent problem for many and can’t be cured with the plink-plink-fizz of a hangover pill.

We make the Neighbour From Hell, the NFH, sound rather dramatic don’t we?

Well, living with an NFH isn’t a picnic in any form or way, it’s an ongoing nightmare. Mr Crosby sings about the Christmas we ‘used to know’ but did we always used to ‘know’ the Neighbour From Hell? Or is this a ‘modern phenomenon’, similar to road-rage or modern day anti-social behaviour? You know, all those unwanted things that make us, the neighbour, lock our doors during the day and at night.

Perhaps we’re being selective, maybe NFH have always existed, but due to the media, the internet, the heightened awareness even, we’ve become even more sensitive to it? Who’s to say, one thing we do know at NFHiB is the Neighbour From Hell is a major problem in today’s society.

At Neighbours From Hell in Britain, we don’t think we’re being over-the-top, exaggerating or making grandiose claims. The NFH ‘syndrome’ has to be one of the most commonly experienced and unwanted problems in our societies today. Neighbours From Hell encompass many different undesirable elements, read on for just a few.

Zero Tolerance

We feel NFH deserve zero-tolerance. Sound harsh? We don’t think so. NFH victims have a far harsher life living with the antics from a Neighbour From Hell. NFH deserve effective legislation and laws to deal with their behaviour and stop them in their tracks, Environmental Health Departments and local Police need more power to deal with the problem on the spot, to tackle the source of the misery quickly and swiftly. NFH victims deserve more effective action than anyone else, full stop. Action is overdue, it needs to happen now. Every day of living with an NFH problem feels like a year for the victim, just ask any NFH sufferer.

We’re not living in cloud cuckoo land, this does cost money and more resources we know, but isn’t it about time that NFH victims are given the same support, justice and help any other victim of any other crime receives? The abuse is the same, living with an NFH has a holistic effect; it can ruin your life at every angle and all directions. It can also change your routines and feelings for years after the problem goes (the ‘self-rehabilitation post-NFH factor’ if you like).

Big Problems = Swift Solutions!

NFH are a big problem that needs a big solution. Government’s wake up and do something worthwhile with your citizen’s votes – act on the problem now. Do it on behalf of all the innocent victims in Great Britain who don’t ask to be tormented and bullied by their NFH’s behaviour and simply want to lead their own lives without the common and insistent intrusion via a Neighbour From Hell.

We all deserve to enjoy our homes, our property; whether we own, rent or just visit occasionally, it makes no difference. Our homes are our havens to escape the world, put our feet up from life’s strains and annoyances, not to come home cosy by the fireside accompanied by the NFH’s dance hi-fi bass beat, their harassment or their anti-social behaviour.

I don’t believe it!

Victor Meldrew may have been hilarious and often exceptional in his irritation, but he had some good points. I heard it say about his character once that he dared to voice the things we all often think, but most of us often don’t or can’t express. Maybe we’re too reserved, scared, shy, embarrassed or simply don’t want to stand up and say it’s not acceptable to live with an NFH in our community, or next to our home; it’s not okay……ever.

Whether you live in a city, the countryside or are lucky enough to have your own island, we all need freedom from the people who persist in behaving ‘NFH-style’ day in, day out.

Our use of the abbreviation ‘NFH’ is now so widespread throughout our online community, we feel it should now be included in the Oxford Dictionary, let’s see what we can come up with:


Otherwise known as the ‘Neighbour From Hell’.

A popular term derived for those individuals or groups thereof, who most often knowingly inflict pain and suffering on their neighbours and communities at large through ‘un-neighbourly’ behaviour. Suffering methods most often include harassment, noise assault, bullying/intimidation, unwanted neighbour-nuisance, anti-social behaviour, rudeness, boundary/planning issues and general self-blinkered attitudes by those in the role of an ‘NFH’.

I’m sure we could work on that description and maybe we will, for next time. Maybe you want to add to it over at the forum or through feedback to us, either way you can be sure it will need some additional descriptive detail.

Anyway back to Christmas and the New Year. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re here because you experienced or suffered with a problem over Christmas or the festive season. Maybe it was the first time it happened and hopefully it may be the last.

Sadly though for the majority of Neighbour From Hell victims the problem is persistence personified, it doesn’t just happen over Christmas, the New Year or any other holiday period, it occurs all year round, all day round and all hour round. It doesn’t go away easily, and unlike a bad smell, it cannot often be solved by opening a window. The smell gets worse; the problem often decays even more over time.

If you’ve experienced an NFH problem for the first time during this festive season just past and you’re yet to approach your neighbour, grasp the nettle and do it. Have a friendly word if you can, bring it to their attention and attempt to prevent it from re-occurring, if you can. Plan your approach, implement what you’ve rehearsed positively and as well-mannered as you can make it. Sure, we understand you could well be decidedly hacked off as your Christmas has been ruined, but keep a cool head and a cool tongue.

Approach, but be wary

NFHiB always, upon always, recommends approaching your NFH in the first instance within any NFH situation, wherever possible to let them know there is a problem. Take into account the details and personal safety relating to your particular situation from the self-help articles first though, this is very important. Don’t go alone and don’t approach your neighbour if you’re in any danger whatsoever or are at risk to your personal safety. Ask for police, friend or family support/advice if you need to, safer is better than sorry, always. Read our advice in the articles, we’ve tried to make it as generally covering to everyone as possible, but NFHiB realise it isn’t always possible to cover everyone’s circumstances. This is one of the biggest reasons for the successful existence of the NFHiB Forum.

Don’t suffer alone, ever

If you’re a ‘seasoned sufferer’, and we don’t apologise for the pun, then don’t be alone, use the NFHiB Forum. It’s what we’re here for, for free. We don’t close at Bank Holidays, the weekends or at Christmas. We’re open all hours from 9-5 and way outside those, 24 hours a day. There’s always someone about to help you, listen, advise and above all really understand what you feel like.

That knot in your stomach, the over-sensitivity you feel, the dread, the nervousness, scared feelings, nausea, embarrassment, anxious thoughts – they’re all far more common than you think. All NFH sufferers experience these kinds of thoughts and a whole host of other feelings we’ve not even mentioned here.

We’d love to think there’s no NFH sufferers out there and we welcome the day there are no Neighbour From Hell victims in our community. The NFHiB forum is daily living proof of the problem, we welcome the day with open arms that our forum board has no members with NFH problems because the Neighbour From Hell issues have been totally eradicated in our lives and societies, permanently.